Monday, February 25, 2008

Who needs a second child when you have Bitty?

It's official. Bitty has become our second child. She goes with us to the grocery store, she goes with us to church, she even sat with us in her own booster seat at dinner the other night. In fact, everytime we get into the car to go somewhere, the ritual goes like this: Grace puts Bitty in car seat, buckles her in (rear facing, I might add), Grace then buckles herself in and we're off! This adds about 3 minutes to the process and is definitely something I've had to test my patience with.....

However, Grace is a good I've learned that taking care of Bitty means something to her - so it must mean something to me. Here's a few pics of us going to the Athens Teen Court Chili Fundraiser tonight.....of course, Bitty came along.

We're almost ready to go!

And on another note, my hubby is getting pretty good at being asked on a moments notice to speak. His reputation for having the gift of gab proceeds him, I guess! Anyhoo, at the dinner tonight they asked for him to introduce all of the political candidates that were there......District Attorneys, State Reps, etc. all depending on the Master of Ceremonies to make it known that they were in appearance that night! Every vote counts.....fortunately, he did well and didn't cost anyone their election!

Announcer Boog

And Grace shadow danced in the mirror while we ate.....

"she's a maniac, maniac on the floor...."


Heather said...

Flo she is adorable..and her hair is gorgeous. Bitty looks like a doll who has a fabulous life!!

Andi said...

I love it although it makes me so sad that I don't have any girls..just them stinky boys, but I love them! Hope your having a great week!

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