Saturday, December 20, 2008

Country vs. City Life

A Cold Front Was Coming In

I say "city" with a bit of a smile. Our former "city" was only 12,000 people strong. But there's quite a difference between living in that "city" versus living out here in Mimi & Papaw-countryland. Mainly,
A) the noise level.....there's basically no noise, except for the wind, dogs barking, cows mooing.....
B) the fact that there's always work to do.....give hay to the cows, clean out something, chop something, move something..... none of which am I doing much of because my large, 8 1/2 month pregnant self seems to find it awfully painful to bend down and pick up a pen, much less haul hay (that I don't know how to do anyway!).....
and finally, the reason for this post
C) whereas in the city if a cold front was coming in, you'd head to your friendly Wal-mart or Brookeshire's or road side stand to buy someone else's wood they've chopped. Out here, you do it yourself!
Boog, chopping what Papaw had cut down

All in a Day's Work....

Bible Journey: Numbers 1:1-2:1

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