Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Longest Week Ever!

I didn't know what else to title this post, except for what I really am feeling - this has been the longest week ever. I started back to work, but honestly? Once you get back into the routine of working, it almost feels like you never left. (Darn those summers off for making you believe you have left...if just for a moment.)

I know why. It's because I've never had to be this "on top of it". I've got a baby that I need to make sure has enough formula, food, diapers, extra change of clothes, and wipes everyday for her "school". I've got a kindergartner that I need to make sure has clothes picked out a night, lunch packed by morning, backpack ready WITH her red homework folder in it, shoes on, teeth brushed....all of that ready to leave the house by 7:20 am. I teach all day. Come with the girls. Try to have somewhat of a dinner cooked for the family.....bath, it all over again the next day.

: ) I'm smiling though. (I really am!) Because everyday this week, I've had probably THE cutest kindergartner ever come bouncing over to me (she gets to walk over from her school to mine at the end of each day) with huge smiles and it reminds me just how precious she is. And everytime I read one of Kelly's Korner's "Please Pray" posts, I almost ball at each heart breaking story of sick children, tragic accidents, you name it. Immediately, I go into my sleeping girls' bedroom and lay my hand on each one, thank God for their health and just for the opportunity to get to do all those crazy, hairy, tiny-detailed things.........

Also, God has given me one thing this week that eases my mind a bit. He has blessed me with a great class this year.....truly great. The kids are darling. I've never had such an innocent group of 9 year olds. They hang onto my every word, and even if they are pretending, they pretend well. So this teaching year should be a good one.

Grace's first day of Kindergarten
Sophie Hearts Bathtime!

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Look Ma! No Instruments!"

Worth the six minutes....amazing what God's gifted us with - human ingenuity. I'd love to be on the front row of this!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bullet Point Post...It's Been THAT Kind of Week!

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I do not enjoy reading, nor writing posts that don't include pictures. I mean, come on people! 99.9953432% of people these days are visual learners. Want me to know more about you? Well, then post a picture.

But this week. No pics. In fact, I'm doing good to post. It's been that kind of week. So here it is....the infamous random thoughts bullet-style post. It doesn't get any worse than this, guys.

* I'm over at a friend's house tonight, starting our "Co-op Babysitting" program. "Whazzat?" you say? In short, hubs & I watch other couple's kids, and ours, while other couple goes out on a much needed date. Later on this month, other couple watches our kids, and their own, while hubs & I have a date night. (Not a bad idea, huh?) Beats paying $30 for a baby-sitter or asking the 'ol relatives (whom I'm sure by now have caller ID installed just for those "Can you watch the kids?" moments).
* I'm watching my sweet, newly hair-cutted daughter sleep on other couple's couch. She's all played out. I'm wondering how in the world kindergarten came so quick. And her's not a pudgy nose anymore. It's a real girl nose. Grown. Up. Big. ........ Sad. : (
*I'm wondering why I couldn't come up with any bedtime story to tell her as she fell off to nodsville. How do I not know any bedtime stories by heart????
* Hubs left Co-op babysitting program early because Sophie was running a fever. A week at daycare and already a fever. Sigh......
* New school year starts on Monday. (Pics to come of that soon!) Still love my fellow teachers & staff....they make me laugh and feel like I'm 25 again. What work place does that anymore?
* Jon & Kate. I thought they were much smarter than they turned out to be.
* I'm missing Sophie. Glad tomorrow's Saturday.
* I'm dreading grocery shopping tomorrow. I've got a bare pantry, so it'll be a full-buggy day.
* I'm trying not to beat myself up for deciding not to attend Wednesday night church activities this Fall......I'm just not gonna put Sophie in daycare all day, and then in the church nursery at night.....not gonna do it.
* And in 1000 sq. ft. has its perks. I cleaned the house in 45 minutes flat the other day, including mopping. Not too shabby said the pig!

Picture-less post, fin-i-to!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Time Has Arrived...

We look like Superhero rejects.

The countdown is just hours now until we both head off to our first day of the 2009-2010 school year at Eustace ISD. This is wweeeiiiiiirrrrrddddddd. I'm so not used to sharing my work space with my significant other. In the past, we would kiss good-bye and vroom-off to our various jobs in different parts of the town. Sometimes in different towns. Now, we're literally going to be yards away from each other. When we have Teacher Orientation at 8am tomorrow, I'll look across the room and there he'll be - my hubs. In purple.

Now, in reality, we're on different campuses. And anyone that knows teaching, knows that being on separate campuses is like being on two different planets. Totally different schedules, worlds, kids, etc.

Still. It'll take some gettin' used to.

I'm excited for him and this roller-coaster ride of teaching he's about to embark upon. I've - finally -come to terms with leaving Sophie. I know she'll be fine. (Will momma be fine? that's the question!) But in all, I have to know that God's been at work in our lives....getting us to this point....helping us figure things out...

I must go now to spend the last precious moments of this day with Sophers.
Happy End of Summer, Ya'll!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

These ARE the Days....

Miss Sparkly Eyes...
Lately, I've found myself relishing the moments when this little girl is crying for a bottle...
Wishing time would stand still when she's face-to-my-face with her mouth covering my nose...
Savoring the smile that literally lights up a room....
and wishing, just wishing, that this time would never end.

These ARE the days. They are crazy..... my hair & clothes are always a mess, mascara smudges under my eyes, dried spit-up somewhere on my body at all times.....these ARE the days. That "me" time that I so often whine about not getting will be so empty when I get tons of it one day. When they are all grown and having full, bustling lives of their own.

Let me, God, remember to enjoy them now.
I'm about to leave her to go to work.
This didn't seem quite so tough last time, but I'm struggling this time. Really struggling.
I have a job I love with kids that need me.
I'm a good teacher. I really am.
But leaving her.......

Please, Lord, remind me that it's quality of time that matters, not quantity.

The plight of a working mother.
It never ends.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hubs in Action! Look at the cornfed boys!

Boog's lovin' it. Go Purple & Gold!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girl Night Out Revisited...

(In the spirit of moviedom, I'll recap the following "Roger & Ebert" style....except without using their signature "two thumbs up"....or being named Roger....or Ebert.....okay, I'll just review it "Flo" style!)

A few weeks ago, I wrote this blog about severely needing a Girls Night Out. It had been too long since I'd gotten completely ready for something other than church, too long since I'd had some wife/mommy time away, too long since I'd had dinner where I could actually chew my food uninterrupted. : ) My girls responded and thus, last night, we had our much needed"GNO". Here's my review of the night:

The Girls: A+ There were seven of us total. Some I knew well, some I knew sorta well, some were new friends. All, however, were the perfect reason why I love living in a small town. They are real, down-to-earth, reflective, considerate, supportive, honest, and bravely put their own insecurities, worries, and faults out there for all to see. Who doesn't want to be around a group like that? I even think our waiter would have liked to pull up a chair and chat. Solid women!

The Movie: B+ The last "GNO" movie we saw was some "Katherine Heigl-ish wemovieproducersthinkwomenhavenobrains" flick. This time, the movie raised the bar. Meryl Streep earned all the kudos by portraying Julia Child spot on. Well, I say spot on.....I didn't know much about her before this movie. Now I'm ready to go buy her cookbook and learn how to cook something that doesn't require cream of mushroom, packages of already seasoned rice, or anything that advertises "Ready in 3 minutes!". French cuisine here I come! (side note: Lobster lovers....don't watch this movie!)

Dinner : B The Olive Garden. I know! That place just reminds me of the 90's, I don't know why! Probably because it's been since the 90's since I've eaten there. But oh, the salad itself is worth revisiting that decade! It did, however, prove that advertising works! Olive Garden, keep spending those millions of dollars because solely based on your tv ads, 5 out of the 7 ladies there ordered your Grilled Chicken Crostada. Money well spent, OG!

Coffee & Conversation: A+ Starbucks. Outside seating. Fraps, Mochas, and Lattes.....need I say more? Even an opportunity to witness to teenagers loitering in the parking lot. Who knew we'd be stretched that night in that way? Oh....and even a 15 minute conversation about ear wax. It just doesn't get any better.

All in all, I'd say the night was a hit. My "inner-Flo" was fed. I woke up ready to take on a day with my girls. I just wish Sophie had not decided to have a "Girls Night Up" of her own - at 2am!
Back to Motherhood! Thanks girls!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Brother, Little Sister....

So, recently, I started my own personal bible study through Beth Moore's "The Beloved Disciple". I wasn't quite sure why I wanted to do this study, as opposed to the oodles of other really great ones that have come recommended, but as soon as I read the first day's title, I knew it was going to be an awesome journey.

Beth is gifted at fleshing out people in the Bible. When I read, I think about things....but not the way she does! And when the first chapter in the study of John was titled, "Little Brother", and went on to describe the type of man he probably was simply based on the fact that he was the little brother, not the eldest. Seeing John through those eyes......Hello! I was waving my hands screaming "I can relate!!"

I've been known as "Angela's little sister" for as long as I've been alive. I've followed in her footsteps, worn her hand-me-downs, tagged along, copied, spied on, crushed on her classmates, almost everything a little sister does to her bigger sister, I've done. Naturally, in highschool this was a nightmare. She sparkled through the hallways....had boyfriends lining can imagine what it felt like to be the "less sparkly sister."

Don't feel sorry for me though. Those were important feelings to feel. When I got to A&M and began to feel comfortable as being just "Florence", it felt good. Really good. It was a rite of passage as a little sister, and I had reached the end of the tunnel.

Moving ahead a few years, those "little sister" feelings come back from time to time. Especially when I visit her in Waco......everywhere we go....literally's "Ang's little sister" all over again. But this time, it's okay.

All that said, I'm excited to find out more about this man whom Jesus loved. He's intriguing to me, and not just because I love that he writes with simplicty. It's going to be a great journey!

My Beautiful Big Sis...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ain't No Sunshine When They're Gone....

My hubs must have been very lonely....or bored...or just sweet. : ) This past week, the girls and I went to Waco to spend a few days with my sis before all the hub-bub of school starts. We left hubs at home while he started his first week of "2-a-days". He's a man of, well, several words, but he also is a man who enjoys writing. In fact, when we first met, some of our first "deep professions" of our love for each other were via letters. Now, we stick to posters, lipstick notes on the bathroom mirrors, or just good ol' two second phone calls. They're not all professions of our love, but hey, that's life, right?

The last posterboard love note I received was back in college. I had been traveling abroad in Italy, and we'd been dating just short enough to where 2 weeks away from each other left us love-sick-pups. I exited the plane to find Boog, standing in the crowds of people who were waiting on their own loved ones, holding a huge poster saying, "Help! I'm looking for the most beautiful girl in the world...." something, something, something (I can't remember...I've had kids since then!)
Anyhoo, you get the point. He's a bit of a romantic. It felt very much like a movie -Meg Ryan, him- Tom Hanks. Straight up Nora Ephron......

But wait.....I thought for a second this past week. WHO AM I KIDDING? This poster wasn't really for me. He didn't miss me.......not that much anyway. This poster was for these little cuties below. His heart's been taken over!
Can You Blame Him?

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