Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funny Faces!

"Right back at ya, babe!"

"They're stuck like this, mom!"

"Wait! I'm not ready!"

Finally! A good one!

Sophie will hate me one day for this, you think?

Friday, February 20, 2009

One Month Old Today!

This isn't the birth announcement I chose from my sister's wonderful designs......I'll show the one I chose on a later post. But isn't she cute???? Sophie's one month old today.

Time Flies. It makes me think of "Meet Joe Black". Why, you ask? Because in the end, the father gives a very eloquent speech that has this one line in it.....

"65 years. Don't they go by in a blink?"

I think that sums up my life.....Sophie's first month.....Grace's first (almost)5 (almost) 7 years of marriage....Where does the time go? (And why do I spend so much time doing things I don't want to do?....worrying, stressing, all those negative things!)

On another note, I go back to work in one week. It is with mixed emotions that I do this. First, I'm so thankful to have a job right now. Everyday the economy seems to be getting worse and worse.....I hear more stories of friends losing their jobs, not being able to find a job, or financial issues. But - to leave Sophie. So soon. To put it stinks. Thankfully, Spring Break and summer are right around the corner. .............and I do have a great job!

Just say a prayer for those hit by economy woes to continue to hold fast to our Lord, THE PROVIDER. I feel like God will use this period to humble us and show us how much we need to rely on Him even more. I remember a certain someone telling me that early in their marriage, they fell on hard times. It was so tough, that his wife questioned whether they could tithe that week. His answer? We'll give more. Give even more than they had been. ......I'm quite sure the Lord was blessed by their faith and certainty in His provisions.
This time also gives us a chance to shower some people in need with His love. My prayer is that when those opportunities are in front of me, that I will respond. What's your prayer?

Bible Journey: Numbers 20:1- 24:6

Monday, February 16, 2009

To Build A Dream. Chapter 1.

The Newly Bulldozed Road Leading To.....(see next pic)

Owning land was and always has been Boog's dream. If I remember correctly, I always thought I'd be living in New York City, in a 400 sq.ft. loft, designing the next new "whatever". But....20 acres in the country - living in NYC - isn't that pretty much the same thing?

Yeah, right.

So it begins. We closed on the land last week, and Boog borrowed a very gi-normous bulldozer from his generous cousin to start clearing the trees. He spent most of the weekend bulldozing a road and a space to build our house. Yes!

....Where Our House Will Eventually Be!
Now prayers are needed as most of us know that a) this is probably one of the worst economical times and doing anything "big" like this is a little frightening and b) we all know that couples building homes 9 times out of 10 will need marital counseling. So pray that Boog & I don't have to visit our preacher anytime soon to counsel us on what type cabinets are really needed.

No, seriously, I'm excited about this adventure of building a home together. Boog & I have traveled a long road to get here, full of ups and downs, through lean years, through not-so lean years, through bad choices, and thankfully, wiser choices as we learned together. I'm hoping God will allow this blessing to be used as a blessing to others....maybe a place of sanctuary for friends....a spot to stop in for coffee and conversation on the front porch....or a just a good meal for hungry bellies.

I'll try to document the "Building of our Little Dream Cottage" as it gets going.

This should be fun.

Bible Journey: Numbers 17:1-20:1
Back in the saddle again! I took a few weeks off (hmmmm. Sophie could have something to do with that!). I was lucky to get my teeth brushed on a regular, really. No excuses. I'm back on my journey. Traveling through Numbers still......

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creative People!

I must start raving! And I must start getting back my own creative-grooviness! (Where did it go?) But these people continually astound me with their skills, talent, and genuine creativity with just about anyting they get their hands on.

First, my sister. She has started a design service for Christmas cards, birth announcements, wedding/birthday invites, blog name it, she'll design it. And give you options! Her site is called Check it out. She's doing Sophie's birth announcments, and I'll show you them as soon as she gets it done! (I've posted a link on my sidebar!)

Here's her own design for her family Christmas card!

Second, my sweet friend Jamie. This woman. She's not only an amazing mother, but she somehow finds the time between two kids AND being pregnant with her third to create these bow holders for Sophie AND Grace. Jamie, you are the most thoughtful person..... we love them!

HOW cute! I was so surprised when I opened these in the mail!

Third, (this list could go on and on...I'm surrounded by creative people), my skillful friend, Andi, has started making bows! Of course, in true Andi fashion, they are perfectly done. She truly is one of the most skillful people I know - she can do just about anything!
A perfect little bow!

I literally could go on forever. I thank them for inspiring me to be more creative! Now....just WHAT to be creative upon, that is the question!

OK. I couldn't let one post go without a picture of my 3 week old Sophie girl. 3 weeks! I can't believe it.

Who could resist kissing this face??

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy 31 Dear!

The Birthday Man!

Today is my hub's 31st birthday! Naturally, he got up way earlier than me, so I didn't even get more than a "happy birthday babe" out of my mouth before he had to go. (He understands....Sophie's up every 2 hours!) So, in lieu of last year's 30th birthday bash, we're going to just lay low this year and eat dinner - by ourselves! - and enjoy his 31-ness.

I love this man more than words could say and probably more than I show on a daily basis. He's my rock. He's our children's hero. And he's just a wonderful person to know. And....he has these two eating out of the palm of his hand!

Cowgirl Grace, giving a stylish pose

Sophie, showing off her head full of dark hair!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Am SOOO Sad!

Ready for her first day of church!

She's already 2 weeks old today. 2 weeks! One thing that is different this time around is THIS time, I know how fast they grow. And I know that 2 weeks is just shy of 2 months which is just shy of 2 It makes me sad just to think about it.

Sophie's still the best baby ever. She's just so ......peaceful. I've never heard her cry very loud (until she had her PKU foot prick the other day!). She slept straight through a helipcopter taking off less than 50 yards away the other day......she's just great.

Grace is doing wonderful. She now realizes that Sophie's here to stay and that we can love her and Sophie, too!

Boog's back at work and busy. Me......I'm still recovering. Everyday it seems like I'm battling a new ailment. A UTI this past weekend....shooting pains yesterday. I'm so ready ready for my body to heal! I'm not used to having a body that won't function properly. And I really have come to appreciate a healthy body now.

One of my favorite things about newborns...their little frog legs!

Soon, she'll be longer than her changing pad! : (

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