Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Am SOOO Sad!

Ready for her first day of church!

She's already 2 weeks old today. 2 weeks! One thing that is different this time around is THIS time, I know how fast they grow. And I know that 2 weeks is just shy of 2 months which is just shy of 2 years......man. It makes me sad just to think about it.

Sophie's still the best baby ever. She's just so ......peaceful. I've never heard her cry very loud (until she had her PKU foot prick the other day!). She slept straight through a helipcopter taking off less than 50 yards away the other day......she's just great.

Grace is doing wonderful. She now realizes that Sophie's here to stay and that we can love her and Sophie, too!

Boog's back at work and busy. Me......I'm still recovering. Everyday it seems like I'm battling a new ailment. A UTI this past weekend....shooting pains yesterday. I'm so ready ready for my body to heal! I'm not used to having a body that won't function properly. And I really have come to appreciate a healthy body now.

One of my favorite things about newborns...their little frog legs!

Soon, she'll be longer than her changing pad! : (


The Allens said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. YOur baby is gorgeous, though!

Keri said...

I feel your sadness. Remember, take lotsa pictures and then some!

The Garners said...

She is a beautiful baby! They do grow so fast...the first time around it seems like it's such a struggle to adjust that you don't realize that. With the second, however, you want to hang onto every little thing! That "two weeks" was "two years" for us yesterday--A's b-day...unbelievable! Hope you feel better soon.

The Allens said...

That is very cool that you got married in Jefferson! That was our first time going and we loved it. We saw a lot of places that would be beautiful for a wedding. You know, the day after we got married (before the actual honneymoon) we went to College Station and stayed in a B&B and ate at Christopher's!

Heather said...

She's a beauty..I'm so glad that I get to see pics of Sophie as she grows. Too bad we didn't have blogs when Grace and Brooks were newborns!!

Juli said...

She is so beautiful, Florence. You are so blessed. I fought off a UTI after Lucy and it was SO painful. I hope that you recover quickly.

Stephanie said...

Aw Flo.....she is beautiful! It does go by fast....just enjoy it...I know you will!!! ; )

LYNDEE said...

hi flo i came across yr blog from kellys korner, and just wanted to comment that yr girls are absolutely beautiful!!!! hope to chat with u soon..

Jenny said...

She's gorgeous! I agree about how fast time goes by. My daughter is almost 5 and I don't know how that happened!

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