Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recurring Dreams...

Do you have recurring dreams? Or is it just me.....most of the time, I don't remember my dreams. In fact, the other night, I rolled over and told my hubby, mid-sleep, "You're a freak!" Whaaa...??? I don't get it. I must have been having a very interesting dream!

But the dreams I do remember are the same two dreams I've been having for several years now. I would like someone to analyze them, please....I know they reveal something very deep about me, I just know it!

Recurring Dream #1: This one's easy. I'm in highschool again and it's about time for our pep rally. I'm stretching and getting ready to do some cheers, when - oops - I realize I have forgotten to put on my bloomers. I hop in my car, race home, and can't find any......the stress of it all usually wakes me up.

Recurring Dream #2: I'm my real age, but I'm married to someone else...usually it's either an old boyfriend or some random guy I dated. In my dream, I'm looking at this guy, wondering how on earth I married him....and I spend the rest of the time wishing, hoping, praying, pleading to God to get me back to Boog, the person I really love.....then I wake up from the stress of it all, and realize it's just a dream. And I take a deep breath and am thankful!


(This post is totally a random, uninspired, "it's11:00andI'msleepy" kind of post.... writer's block won this one!)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sign Her Up!

My niece, Ella, just graduated from Kindergarten. To end her year, they had a talent which she performed this little ditty. Is it just me, or should we go ahead and sign her up for "Tot's Got Talent" or something! She's precious....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Those Moments

Births. Dedications. Baptisms. Graduations. Weddings. Anniversaries. All those key moments in life. It was fun for me to go through them, but it's 100-fold more fun to watch my children go through them. I've always said that I cannot WAIT to go through the whole "prom dress shopping" madness with my girls, and I cannot WAIT to help plan their weddings. I've watched "Father of the Bride" probably a million times, and seeing the part where Annie gets the cappuchino maker from her dad......and she says "Thanks, dad...I love it more than anything in the world"....and he thinks..."My thoughts exactly..." ...... sniff. It just kills me! : )

So here are a few photos from our recent "key" moments. Sophie's dedication and Grace's graduation from Pre-K.

Church Dedication Ceremony

Her Sweet Shoes She Wore...Thanks Holly!

My Sweetie...4 months old

Grace said the closing prayer at graduation

Getting all done up before the ceremony!

My Sweetie!

Monday, May 25, 2009


My one Memorial Day weekend project is finished! With more inspiration from The Lettered Cottage, I set out to refurbish a piece of furniture that I had found years ago at an antique shop. It used to have that old orangy-y color stain.....good bones, but nothing noteworthy.

I used some white paint, dark walnut stain, and a little elbow grease and voila! A new piece of furniture for the shack. I feel all accomplished!
A an old piece, sanded and stained....

A little drying time...

Painted & distressed....

Something old turned into something new!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Need Patience NOW!

That's an oxymoron, isn't it? Like "Gourmet Pizza" or "Freezer Burn" or....lemme about "Crash Landing"? hehe...

But I've needed it. Let me count the ways:

1) The last month of school - POST TAKS - is basically free babysitting for all students. There's no real education going on. I try, but the kids know it's over. It's that "kid-stinct" of theirs. They just know. So it's me versus 18 little wild monkeys. And I'm not winning.....

2) Our shack is nearing completion. A move is upon us. I'm ready, but there's so many little things to do and so little.....babysitters. HOW....moms of many....just HOW do you accomplish anything when you have multiple kids? Seriously - HOW?

3) And finally....this is really a sub-post of #2, but....this whole Memorial Day weekend has been a "What I need/want to do vs. What my hubs needs/wants to do vs. What Grace needs/wants to do vs. What Sophie needs/wants to do." I'm not quite sure if I've handled it as gracefully as I should've. My constant sighs spoke loads. When hubs is busy w/youth......or when Grace wants me to play "princess" with her even though Miss Sophie is clinging to me for her bottle....when Sophie screaming at the top of her lungs because she wants to be at home instead of in her carseat.....when a 30 minute walk is about the jist of "me time".

So, dear Jesus, I'm requesting an extra helping of the fruit of your spirit called "Patience". She's a high commodity these days. Super-Size me, please.

: ) I really do love this life of's just been one of those weeks!

Something that ALWAYS helps me relax...a good book. Here's one of my favorites lately....
Read it if you like good memoirs...
"Three Weeks With My Brother"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hellllloooo Beautiful!

Ain't She Pretty?

It's just my personal opinion, but I think I just found the most beautiful fabric for my window treatments! If fabric ain't your thang, then you probably want to stop reading now. I, however, could spend hours looking at bolt after bolt after bolt......(Oh, if only I had the sewing skills to create something more than your basic straight line stitch!)

We're coming close to finishing up the inside of our "Shack Attack". The floors are set to go in the next week or so, we've -almost- finished all the painting. The bathroom is a bathroom now. So it's time to get to some details. I know it's just our temporary home, but home isn't a home to me unless it "feels" like home. So I went to our local and fabulous-o fabric store to buy what will be my curtains. I then ventured to Wally-World to see if I could score some curtain rods. And darned if I wasn't surprised to see these beauties from the Better Home & Garden Collection on sale! I was blissfully delirious in the check-out line.... : )

Accessories to Boot....

I'm so thankful to the elderly woman at the fabric store, who took pity on me, and pre-cut all my fabric so I don't have to do all the math myself. Yes, I said math. Did you know that "Pi R squared" is something that the fabric lady uses daily? Who'd of thunk it. Geometry rears it's ugly head.

Now, I'm off to sew some curtains. Wish me luck..

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Cake! The Cake!

I've had so many people compliment Grace's birthday cake, I just had to give the proper kudos to the cakemakers! It was made by a sweet (and talented) friend, Julie and her aunt Carolyn. They have a business called "Goodies by Julie & Carolyn" here locally. If you live close, consider them for your next event! They are wonderful!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is She Really 5 Already?

Princess Cake per the Princess's Request

She IS! Big girl. I can't believe that in just a few short months, my firstborn will be in kindergarten. Kindergarten! That doesn't seem right. Her cheeks are still too chubby...too much "sweetbabyfaceness" ......but she did read 4 pages in her book last night, with little help from momma..... so, sniff....I guess she is ready. Blow'em Out!

We had her fifth birthday party at our local Kiwanis Park. It was just how I like parties -simple, short, and sweet! The kids just played & ate cake. Can't get any better than that!
The Partygoers

Grace has also started to play t-ball. If you are ever in a sour mood, go watch a little girls t-ball game. If all the kartwheels and flower pickin' in the outfield don't get you laughing, then surely seeing a 4 year old running from first base to second base to third and then....straight to the dugout! Tears running down my face. :) First Hit
Grace likes it....likes, not loves. She'd much rather talk to mommy & daddy through the fence. But right now, the thrill of hitting the ball and stopping it every now and then entertains her plenty. Babe Ruthie? Maybe not just yet.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


My girls....God is abundantly gracious.

Never more have I been more thankful on Mother's Day. With Sophie's arrival, healthy and happy, it just solidified my "motherness". I'm now in charge of not one, but two lives. Girls. Girls who will grow up watching me. Girls who will grow up learning about how to be a friend through me, how to handle sticky situations through me, how to love their future husbands through me..... no pressure or anything.

I started to think of all the moms in my life, and how each one taught me something about how to be a mother. It's a short list of some really great women. I hope they all know how they've molded me into this "mother", and therefore shaped my girls lives, too.

Wan, my mom: She taught me how to be independent and hard working...traits I want my daughters to have. And generous...she would have given her last dime to help someone in need. In her, I saw how Christ can transform a person, and give them peace even in dark circumstances.
Christine, my grandma: She lived alone, but never....not once....did she ever look stressed or unhappy or tired. She always seemed so content. Her peace came from her disciplined, unwavering love for the Lord. She is the cornerstone of my own testimony.
Angela, my sister: Probably the most honest mom I know! She was/is the person who taught me the basics of mothering. How to burp a to handle fussy babies...when I first had Grace, I think I called her every other hour for the first two weeks. She's always been a great mom, even though she doesn't give herself enough credit. And without her "reality" driven phone conversations about life, motherhood, husbands, etc. , I don't think I could make it -sanely- through my week!
Rosemary, my mother-in-law: Not the typical mother-in-law. Through her, I've seen what the power of Godly parenting can do. I'm thankful everyday that I've been blessed to have her in my life. She's influenced me so much with her wisdom and kindness, and I hope that I can be an influence in the same way to my own two girls.
Marci & Molly, my sister-in-laws: One word- fierce. I remember a loooong time ago, watching Marci scold her own son for hitting his cousin. She swat him on the hand - hard - and said, "Don't you ever hit him...he's your cousin...he's family!" She doesn't know it, but that and so many more instances from both of them regarding fierce family love have shaped & molded my own outlook on what it means to be a family. They are mother bears to the highest degree. Protectors....champions of their children. Great women!

There's so many more, but those are my day-to-day influences that I reflect on quite often. God's given me more role models in this area than any other. They are true blessings!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! next post is going to be massive. It'll sum up - Grace's 5th birthday party, Sophie's baby dedication, Grace's first t-ball games all in one! It's been a BUSY week!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

: )

Smile On, Sweet Sophie Girl.....
What Makes Me Smile?
1) Sophie's little voice and Grace's endless "country-fied" conversation
2) emails like the one I received from a dear, lifelong friend a few days ago that literally make my day
3) one of my students - for her effort, eagerness, and endless hugs
4) my sister's phone calls
5) knowing my mom's kneeling beside His throne, in a perfectly healthy, wonderous state
6) a simple day
7) a generous, giving spirit....I can think of so many people for that one!

Just a little post to remind myself why I like to's not to cover up some deep-rooted, dark place. It's not to try to be fake. Sometimes it's because I don't really have anything else to say. But mostly, it's because....why not?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates on the Shack Attack

It's going, going on!

I wasn't sure what color should go on a roof...a contrasting color or not? So we opted for a light roof and we'll put on red shutters & doors.... Happy Colors!

The kitchen cabinets have also been painted and I'm lightly disressing them as we speak.
A new coat of paint on the walls, as well.....

Voila! Black....courtesty of inspiration from The Lettered Cottage.

And finally...this precious little ditty was found at a local antique store....just perfect for our new house. I loved the detailed legs AND the price - just $30 bucks!

This week....1) finish painting 2) attack the yard and possibly 3) the floors. Almost there!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

7 Years Together....What a Ride!

7 years with my hubs.
"Why are you going away for your anniversary?" Grace asked.
"Because we love each other,
and want to spend time together," I replied.
She thought for a moment then said,
"I can't wait to do that one day with my husband."

We celebrated our anniversary by going to our first home place - the Big D - and stayed the night at the Warwick Hotel. I love Dallas. We love Dallas. We enjoy going back to our favorite haunts like Eatzi's (yum!), eating outside at most of the joints in uptown, and swinging through Starbucks on a whim. We reminisce about the days before we used to just do whatever we wanted! Fresh out of college, great jobs, no was nice.

But I also remember why we left. Knowing Dallas wasn't the kind of place we wanted to raise children. Visiting his parents on weekends and missing the kind of quiet you can only get out in the country. Realizing that "uptown" can get a little too "uptown" sometimes. After all, Boog & I are flip-flop kind of people....and uptown? Well, flip flops just don't cut it sometimes.

So as we pulled out of the Warwick, after having a good laugh that the valet guy probably wished he'd of gotten to valet the fancy Jaguar driving couple, rather than our lumpy Subaru.....we felt satisified. Happy in our marriage. Knowing that even though we can grate on each other's nerves now and then, we still love each other just as much as the day we got married. We missed our girls. We were anticipating seeing the new roof that was getting put on our little home.

We also came back knowing that wherever God leads us in life, home will always be with each other.

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