Saturday, May 2, 2009

7 Years Together....What a Ride!

7 years with my hubs.
"Why are you going away for your anniversary?" Grace asked.
"Because we love each other,
and want to spend time together," I replied.
She thought for a moment then said,
"I can't wait to do that one day with my husband."

We celebrated our anniversary by going to our first home place - the Big D - and stayed the night at the Warwick Hotel. I love Dallas. We love Dallas. We enjoy going back to our favorite haunts like Eatzi's (yum!), eating outside at most of the joints in uptown, and swinging through Starbucks on a whim. We reminisce about the days before we used to just do whatever we wanted! Fresh out of college, great jobs, no was nice.

But I also remember why we left. Knowing Dallas wasn't the kind of place we wanted to raise children. Visiting his parents on weekends and missing the kind of quiet you can only get out in the country. Realizing that "uptown" can get a little too "uptown" sometimes. After all, Boog & I are flip-flop kind of people....and uptown? Well, flip flops just don't cut it sometimes.

So as we pulled out of the Warwick, after having a good laugh that the valet guy probably wished he'd of gotten to valet the fancy Jaguar driving couple, rather than our lumpy Subaru.....we felt satisified. Happy in our marriage. Knowing that even though we can grate on each other's nerves now and then, we still love each other just as much as the day we got married. We missed our girls. We were anticipating seeing the new roof that was getting put on our little home.

We also came back knowing that wherever God leads us in life, home will always be with each other.


The Allens said...

That was wonderful. We left DFW for the same reasons.

Stephanie said...

Aw....Happy Belated Anniversary guys!!! Glad you had a good one....sounds like fun!! : )

Jamie said...

Wonderful post! Happy Anniversary. Getting away is good, but so is coming back home!

Dede said...

Happy Anniversary Boog & Flo, tomorrow the 4th, right!?!! I've gotchya on my calendar! Such a special day, thank you for inviting me to be a part of it. I can't believe it's been 7 years!!! Sounds/looks like y'all are doing great :)

JMass said...

You guys had such a great wedding! Good memories!

carolyn said...

Love this post and feel the exact same way after 10's quite special.

Also love your kitchen pics and the fabulous little black table!

Jenna said...

Sweet! Did you just want to cry when Grace said that? As always, I love to read your posts!

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