Sunday, May 10, 2009


My girls....God is abundantly gracious.

Never more have I been more thankful on Mother's Day. With Sophie's arrival, healthy and happy, it just solidified my "motherness". I'm now in charge of not one, but two lives. Girls. Girls who will grow up watching me. Girls who will grow up learning about how to be a friend through me, how to handle sticky situations through me, how to love their future husbands through me..... no pressure or anything.

I started to think of all the moms in my life, and how each one taught me something about how to be a mother. It's a short list of some really great women. I hope they all know how they've molded me into this "mother", and therefore shaped my girls lives, too.

Wan, my mom: She taught me how to be independent and hard working...traits I want my daughters to have. And generous...she would have given her last dime to help someone in need. In her, I saw how Christ can transform a person, and give them peace even in dark circumstances.
Christine, my grandma: She lived alone, but never....not once....did she ever look stressed or unhappy or tired. She always seemed so content. Her peace came from her disciplined, unwavering love for the Lord. She is the cornerstone of my own testimony.
Angela, my sister: Probably the most honest mom I know! She was/is the person who taught me the basics of mothering. How to burp a to handle fussy babies...when I first had Grace, I think I called her every other hour for the first two weeks. She's always been a great mom, even though she doesn't give herself enough credit. And without her "reality" driven phone conversations about life, motherhood, husbands, etc. , I don't think I could make it -sanely- through my week!
Rosemary, my mother-in-law: Not the typical mother-in-law. Through her, I've seen what the power of Godly parenting can do. I'm thankful everyday that I've been blessed to have her in my life. She's influenced me so much with her wisdom and kindness, and I hope that I can be an influence in the same way to my own two girls.
Marci & Molly, my sister-in-laws: One word- fierce. I remember a loooong time ago, watching Marci scold her own son for hitting his cousin. She swat him on the hand - hard - and said, "Don't you ever hit him...he's your cousin...he's family!" She doesn't know it, but that and so many more instances from both of them regarding fierce family love have shaped & molded my own outlook on what it means to be a family. They are mother bears to the highest degree. Protectors....champions of their children. Great women!

There's so many more, but those are my day-to-day influences that I reflect on quite often. God's given me more role models in this area than any other. They are true blessings!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! next post is going to be massive. It'll sum up - Grace's 5th birthday party, Sophie's baby dedication, Grace's first t-ball games all in one! It's been a BUSY week!


The Garners said...

You're such a great Mom! Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

Jenna said...

I loved this made me think of all the "moms" in my life. You are a great mom...I love your laid back, patient never seem to be frazzled!

Heather said...

Flo, I love the pic of the three of you. I showed mom the pics on FB so she could see the girls. What a blessing you have been given in those precious little ones!!

KelseyAnne said...

My cake never looked that GOOD!!!!

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