Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello?? Is anyone out there?

It's been so long since I've blogged, I thought I'd at least ask. :)

Remind you, school has started....hence the no bloggy. Then Grace, playing a Barbie computer game, innocently clicked "yes" to a mad virus attack on our home computer. No bueno. My laptop is at the school, and requires way to much arm space to carry home each night.......so no blog unless the daddy brings his laptop home. Which was tonight. : ) He loves me hogging it.

I must, must start off by sharing a few pics of my 8 month old. Yes, 8 months! My sweet Sophers. We just love her. Every afternoon, Grace and I race to her "school" to rescue her and then resign to sit on my bed for the next 45 minutes and just hug, love, and laugh at her. She eats it up. She crawls now.....pretty fast, too. She doesn't babble much, but when she does, it's usually after I've just put a large amount of food in her mouth. She's a bit stubborn (like her momma), but we think we'll keep her. She's just so darn cute!
8 months!

Grace loves kindergarten. Someone told me that she'd just be "exhausted" after a day at school, but nope. Not mine. She's running on 100% before, I'm sure during, AND after school. No down time for me! Just the other weekend, I spent......oh maybe 10 minutes? with her sitting down, showing her the "one bunny ear" method to tying shoes. I was for sure this session wouldn't amount to much, but low and behold, not two days later was she tying her own shoes - in record time, no doubt. I was amazed. I'm a teacher......I should know better than to put limits on one's abilities!

Here's a few pics from her first "parade". The primary school's "Patriot Day" parade....she barely even looked at us when she walked by!

"Can you spot Grace?"

And finally, we've had our first cold snap here in East Texas. I, of course, dressed Grace in shorts that day. Fitting. : ) When I got home after work, I quickly put on my flannel pajamas and thought of the nice Fall weather to come. I heart FALL! It makes me want to cook.....stews, soups, cornbread. The good stuff.

Seeing how I have exactly 30 minutes (Sophie's late day naptime) to make dinner each night for my starving "lunchtime at 11am" daughter and starving "I'm playing quarterback with kids twice my size" hubs, I have to plan ahead or cook something quick. This soup recipe is a favorite, borrowed from my college roomate, Holly, and it makes you feel like you cooked. : ) It's on rotation at our house quite a bit in the Fall and Winter.

1 large can cooked chicken, drained
1 can cream corn
1 can Campbell's soup tomato juice
1 can veg all
1 can chicken broth
onion powder, salt, pepper
simmer on medium/low for 20-30 minutes
mix w/a side of sweet cornbread

I hope I blog again soon......Happy Fall Ya'll!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Make that PERSPECTIVE. All caps. And this week, I got some.

A few weeks ago, I heard of an old friend from my hometown being diagnosed with cancer. He's a year younger than me......I'll go ahead and admit that I haven't talked to him in ages, but he was (ahem!) my first "boyfriend" I think I remember having......many, many moons ago. I was shocked when I heard the news. It's too early for that. Too early for news like that.

However, thanks to Caringbridge.net, he has started journaling his experience at MD Anderson (where my mom took her treatment), and wow....if his first few journal entries didn't give me a whole new lease on my own life, then I think I might have my own disease to worry about - coldheartedness!

He journaled about having the "Why Me, God?" thoughts at first. But then, quickly realized that "he has a wonderful wife who will be there with him everyday, a healthy body to fight off this disease, and great family & friends to help him through it....so why NOT him?"

I could barely read it. I've always told Boog that if the dreaded C ever came my way, then to go ahead and make plans to re-marry because I just am not a fighter. But this......this attitude of what even sounds a bit thankful, or grateful, for the opportunity to show what God can do in a situation that sucks (for lack of a better word!) .......it floored me. Of course, the shame came over me because for so many reasons, I feel I would be having the "Why me's?" in that situation. At least I think I would.

However, I look forward to reading his & his wife's posts each day because, not only am I ready & hopeful to seeing his recovery journaled, but I feel my spirit of thankfulness for my own blessings grow ten-fold each time.

Gosh......God ALREADY has gotten the glory. Cancer, you lost that one.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This is Rare.

I have nothing to say. Nothing to blog. No photos to upload. No memory to recap. My life lately has been a total regimen of something like this:

work, sick baby, thinking about working out, not working out, work, sick baby, thinking about going shopping, not going shopping, work, sick baby, hoping to go to church, not getting to go to church, work, sick baby, travel, travel, see my sis, have everyone think I'm her (again!), have some laughs, travel home, date night w/ hubs (which is laughable....after dinner we went to Tar-Jay.....how romantic!) rest tonight, hopefully.

But then again, I have a sick baby who likes to get up at 4am and play.

I'll post more when I actually have something to post.

One funny before I leave. Last night, as I was falling asleep, I was staring at my cutie-patootie husband and noticed a skin-thing on his eyelid that I've never noticed before. When I mentioned this to him, his response?
" Don't look at the fine print now....you've already signed for me."

haha..... laughter solves everything.

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