Sunday, September 6, 2009

This is Rare.

I have nothing to say. Nothing to blog. No photos to upload. No memory to recap. My life lately has been a total regimen of something like this:

work, sick baby, thinking about working out, not working out, work, sick baby, thinking about going shopping, not going shopping, work, sick baby, hoping to go to church, not getting to go to church, work, sick baby, travel, travel, see my sis, have everyone think I'm her (again!), have some laughs, travel home, date night w/ hubs (which is laughable....after dinner we went to romantic!) rest tonight, hopefully.

But then again, I have a sick baby who likes to get up at 4am and play.

I'll post more when I actually have something to post.

One funny before I leave. Last night, as I was falling asleep, I was staring at my cutie-patootie husband and noticed a skin-thing on his eyelid that I've never noticed before. When I mentioned this to him, his response?
" Don't look at the fine print've already signed for me."

haha..... laughter solves everything.


Jenna said...

sick babies are just not much fun...hope Sophie feels better soon! Glad you got a date night in! I am not sure I like all of these that I don't work with you and Nathan doesn't work with Boog I feel like we live on different planets!:)

The Allens said...

That was funny! And I'm posting this at 2am b/c of a sick baby, so I feel for you.

The Keltons said...

Hope Sophie is feeling better.

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