Monday, January 26, 2009

Pure Joy Is.....

THIS. (Sophie about 3 days old)AND THIS....sleeping beauty.
And Seeing This....

And the Love From Family....
And endless entertainment!
AND.....that clean baby smell! OH my!

Can you tell we're enjoying our little Sophie? It's hard to imagine the depth of love until you have a child, right? Sophie is absolutely the world's best baby (sorry other moms!! Mine's the winner! : ) ). She cries only when she's hungry. She sleeps peacefully. She nurses less like a baracuda now, and more like a gourmet eater - stopping to taste and lick her lips. Slowly eating.....making those cooing noises that are WONDERFUL! She's just joy. Simply JOY!

I'll post later about my past experiences this past weekend in the Labor & Deliver room again getting ANOTHER blood patch from migraines that came back after the botched epidural and the first blood patch that didn't work. Not fun. I now know what you should do if you're ever in that situation. Just call me Dr. Flo. Oh.....and over the course of my 3 spinal injections, I've met what I consider to be the 3 types of anesthesiologists. 1)The wise old owl 2) the mid-life "I'm THE MAN" and the 3) the young upstart who still has compassion. You definitely want 1 or 3, but definitley NOT #2). Like I said, I'll post later about it!

Bible Journey: Seriously? Give me a few more days! : )

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's the REST of the Story! "Sophie" Part II

(I gotta tell you, I don't know how single moms do it. I really don't. I now will place them in a special place in my heart. If it hadn't been for my sweet, precious hubs these past few days, I really don't know if I could've made it! He posted for me earlier, but now.....Here's the REST of the story!)
Settled in, Ready to Go!
Sophie did make a wonderful arrival on Tuesday. We got the hospital exactly at 5:30 am. We had pre-registered, so it was a breeze to get in our room. Pitosin (sp?) got started, contractions started up, and we were off!
My dad and sis

We had mostly family there ready to celebrate the big day. My sis & dad drove in. My sister and I have been in the delivery room for 4 out of the 5 of our children, so it's really special to have them both there. She's always good at getting the doctors to do things with a "you better get my sister some pain meds NOW"'s great!

Grace was there with her "BIG SIS" shirt....and her baby's "stuff" in tow (of course!)

So, the contractions started getting a bit hard and the "Epidural Guy" came in to save the day! I had an epidural with Grace, so I was nowhere near scared. Just relieved! However, nothing could go just perfect, can it? I had just finished pressing my head up against Boog's belly while he was inserting the needle....when, after it was done, we heard him say, "Well, I've done this a thousand times and this has happened maybe 5 times ever!". Wow. Not something you want to hear out of the mouth of the guy who just stuck maybe the largest needle ever in the small of your back. Turns out, he went about 1 mm too far and entered my spinal fluid. A catheder then had to be put directly into that spinal fluid and that's where my epidural would stay....right directly in the middle of all that important know, that supplies your brain - all that good stuff! The doc assured me that I "might" get a Spinal Fluid Migraine after everything's done, but we'll see. Nothing to get too worried about. (OK......ummm, can I get a refund on that epidural please?)

Anyhoo, labor goes wonderful! 10 contractions/pushes and she's out. Now here's the scarier part, the cord was wrapped around sweet Sophie's neck twice, but with quick work from my lovely doctor, she's oaky.....a little purple....but she's perfect. There were a few other gliches that also led to me being in a little more pain than normal afterwards (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!), but my prayer has always been, if something were to happen Lord, let it happen to me, not Sophie. So I'm thankful. Just thankful.
Right after Sophie was Born!

Grace was the first visitor to see her!

Then, Mimi & Papaw....and other family members..

This is, I think, one of the sweetest pics ever...Sophie, holding her big sis's finger.

Grace, FINALLY getting to hold Sophie

So things were good. Turns out, Sophie is one laid back girl! She took to nursing immediately. In fact, I would call her nursing style somewhat similar to an Animal Kingdom episode where a baracuda scopes out its prey, lunges, SNAPS, and devours. Yeah, lots of fun for momma! But she's such a laid back little girl......and a pretty good sleeper, too!

My Sweethearts

So, we were on our way ready to go home. Or so I thought. In the final hours before leaving, I began to have this "fuzziness" appear inside my head. Looking down was hard, looking at light was hard....yep, you guessed it. The dreaded "Spinal Fluid Migraine" had arrived. Now, I don't typically get headaches, much less migraines, so to all the Migraine-gettin' people out there - I'M SO SORRY! It's miserable. I feel for you. So, to combat this, I basically had to get another epidural where instead of shooting pain medicine in you, they draw your own blood from you and then "clot" up the spinal fluid that's being lossed. I don't get it. But it worked - thankfully. No fun for two epidurals though.

But this is where my hubby, the rescuer, has come in. Because of the complications, I'm in a bit more pain than normal now, and he's come to my aide. He's pitched in, seen me in some well, I'll just say it - embarrassing, awful moments....ones that I wouldn't really even want to see myself! - and basically been 100% help with Grace and me and Sophie. I couldn't do this without him!

So, I can't complain at all.....I heard that it would happen. That you could love another one just as much as your first one. I didn't think it could, but it has! Sophie's.......well, a gift from God. His Reward.

On Our Way Home!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sophie is Here and Everything's Rosey!

Sophie Rose Ferrell made a grand entry into this world this morning at 11:46am in Tyler, Texas. She's a whoppin' 7lbs 7oz and 21.5 inches long, has lots of furriness about the head, pink chubby cheeks and if I may say so, I mighty delightful demeanor. Thanks to everyone for your checking in, thoughts, kind comments and attentive prayers. As Flo's so-called hubby, and the lone alpha-male amongst all this Godly beauty, it is my distinct pleasure to type this in my sweethearts absence...Gig'em and God Bless you all.
P.S. In case you wondered...yes, Grace has already been a great Big Sis!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow's the Day!

38 weeks! Good Grief!
It's hard to believe that tomorrow I'll be going waking up with one child, and then sometime throughout the day introducing another one to the world! I'm so ready to see her....Grace is, too. I just pray she's healthy and vibrant (and somewhat of a good sleeper!). : ) Or I'll take just healthy.

Here's a last picture of my belly. At 38 weeks, I'm ready to to get my old physical shape back, but I know it could take a while! I love to exercise, and I haven't done much of that this pregnancy, so it'll be nice to be back on that bandwagon! My old workout clothes are calling my name....

Today is my first day of maternity leave, so I plan on spending the day with just Grace. Just us two girls. She's been our main focus for the last 4 years, so thinking about having her share the limelight is.......strange. But she's ready. Very ready. Last night she asked me if she was going to get "Married before Sophie does". The sibling rivalry begins!

Still many thoughts going out to Kelly & Harper on Kelly's Korner blog. It's an amazing journey that I'm sure has already done so much for His Kingdom.....just seeing the way believers hold up other believers in times of need. It's inspiring.

I'll post pics of 'lil Sophie soon! Until then - prayers please for a healthy delivery & baby.

Bible Journey: Numbers 12:1-17:1
Numbers has really started to get good. Last night, I couldn't put it down because the faith of Caleb, Joshua, Moses, Aaron.... it was amazing to read. The way they interceded on behalf of the Israelites, who kept turning on both them and Aaron "stood between the living and the dead" to intercede and stop the plague. How God allowed a nation of many weak believers to continue on because of the faith of a few. How His plan never falters, but how we falter on Him daily with our faith roller coaster.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Following Closely....Praying Earnestly

( know that there are over 30,000 people in prayer for you and your family. That's uplifting.) God's Grace is Sufficient! ...............

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!....(Sooner Than I Thought!)

The Dr. said I'm now 3 cm dialated and if I don't go naturally over the next 5 days, we're inducing on Tuesday!

TUESDAY? Yes, Tuesday. That's 5 - count'em - 5 days away and I'll officially be a mother of two. That's a bit scary! I'm beginning to worry if I've forgotten how to do it.....oh, and remembering those days when they would just cry and you wouldn't know what was wrong because they were too little to tell you........and what if they didn't catch something on the ultrasound?

I could drive myself crazy, but ready or not, here SOPHIE comes! : ) I'm so ready to see what she looks like!

I guess I better let my school know that tomorrow is probably going to be my last day for a while.

I'll keep you updated.

Friday, January 9, 2009

AND I'm....

2 cm dialated and 50% effaced. Whatever that means! I mean, I technically know what that means, but from what I hear, a gal can stay at a 2 for weeks......BUT. My doctor did say that Sophie's head was firmly lodged in place, facing south, and wouldn't that's gotta mean something! I can feel it............nights are pretty painful these days. When I walk, I look like I'm not waddling, more swaying side to side, side to side.

SO...maybe good news will come within this next week!

Anyway, here are some pictures from my very sweet work shower. Grace was there and, of course, stole the show! She was so excited to open presents for Sophie and would make the funniest comments about each one - she kept everyone laughing!
The shower & my lovely co-teachers

Bible Journey: Numbers 11:1 - 12:1 (I'll truthfully admit that I'm JUST about to read chapter 11 right now, as I crawl into bed at 9:20 on a Friday night! Blame it on Sophie.)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Growin' Up

Grace being enchanting at Enchanted Rock

Well, as I've told you before, Grace has become quite the daddy's girl. Who needs a little boy when you've got a girl who loves to go camping with her daddy and will climb rocks until the sun goes down? That's exactly what these two did over their break. Just the two of 'em. Me? Ahem.....Mrs. Preggo opted to not go into early labor by climbing rocks at Enchanted Rock! I went to visit my sis in Waco.

I'm thankful Grace has a daddy who loves to do this with her.....
The Campers

SO glad momma was NOT there to see this....

Go higher, higher Gracie!

Holdin' Up the WORLD!

Love this....

Bible Journey: Numbers 10:1-11:1

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Daily Grind! With a Question....

Back to school today! Back to the lovely kiddos that are now in a robotic "You MUST PASS T*A*K*S" mode for the next few months.....(and I wonder why 4 kids were absent today).....only one thing was different - my super large belly that made it a wee bit harder to "move & shake" through my teaching day like I normally do. The kiddos didn't notice. All they understand is choosing A,B,C, or D and how their left arm will fall off if they don't choose the correct one.

Anyway, upon returning to my school, I was hit with a reality. And it was a reality that Boog & I, just two weeks ago, sat pondering in the middle of the Toys'R'Us aisle, as dozens of glassy-eyed, mommas and daddies lurked around trying to find THE toy that would make their child swoon.

Reality #1. One of my students literally wouldn't let me get two feet away from her without pointing out her biggest and bestest Christmas gift - a pair of boots from Payless. I'm sure the things maybe cost a twenty spot. Maybe. She was so proud.

Reality #2. Hearing adults talking about their Christmas's and how one got their second grader a cell phone that would make any teenager proud (....a phone!....a 2nd grader!)......and how another one's son got a brand new truck on Christmas Eve and barely said thank you......the stories went on and on.

Reality question. How can I stop the insanity? I've got a daughter who's young enough now to where I haven't damaged her "materially" too much.....(but certainly having 3 different times of opening Christmas presents in less than 2 days is not the best way to nip in the bud a kid's desire for stuff.) And Boog & I have not been the type parents to buy Grace a ton of toys, but she certainly lacks for nothing due to birthday/holiday gift bombardments.

So, again, how to stop the gravy train of materialism? When is too much, too much?

Boog & I really did stand in Toys'R'Us for about 30 minutes while we were Christmas shopping for Grace and had this exact discussion. What values did we want to pass down to Grace? What memories do we want her to have of Christmas? And Sophie? .......we didn't answer it in the store, but it left an impression on me.

So for, I guess, my New Year's Resolution....since I never make any....I resolve to seek an answer this year to that question. I want Grace to grow up knowing the value of a dollar, knowing that the "no's" in life sometime define your character way more than the "yes's", knowing she's more valuable than the latest pair of Ugg boots, being compassionate about and caring for those with far less, and being appreciative of what she does

I've got a lot of thinking to do.

Bible Journey: Numbers 7:1-10:1

Friday, January 2, 2009

36 Weeks and Counting!

Christmas Eve......OH the belly!

I, at almost 36 weeks now, have a few things to say about these last few weeks: "Get Sophie Outta There!". I am quite sure when God was talking about women and birthing pains, that He was referring to the last 6 weeks of carrying the child, as well as, the actual labor part. Not to complain too much, but I really am ready to get un-pregnant.......for one:

1)) I have three pairs of pants that fit and are comfortable. They are in constant rotation. SO much so, that after I lose the baby weight, I will burn them because I'm tired of looking at them!

2) Nighttime has become "Kung Fu Panda ala Sophie's Version". At around 10am she starts practicing her power yoga, and then the real fun begins around 11pm when she starts the Taekwando. This gal's got some power to her kick!

3) Nightime has hence become a struggle to sleep. Again, I know God's preparing me for the next 2 months of sleeplessness, but can't a pregnant girl get a few winks of real REM sleep please?

4) and lastly, I FINALLY have a diaper bag packed and ready for Sophie at the hospital....diapers, wipes, clothes, and all. Grace was too excited about getting it together. In fact, I think about once or twice a day she'll go through it all and make sure the patsies are in place and nothing has gotten out of order. That girl!
Here are some pictures from Grace's Christmas. Of course, she got several baby things from Santa....a real mobile for her baby's bed (the fake mobiles didn't "turn" , which was what she was wanting!), a tea set, a vacuum that I so wish worked for real....and several other items for, who else, her baby.

Grace, asking how Santa got her baby bed out of her room

Our Sweetie

Bible Journey: Numbers 5:1-7:1
My bible journey has sort of taken a hacienda.....note to self, I must get back on track. The holiday rush has given me plenty of excuses to not keep up.
Ever find it that way with you?

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