Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow's the Day!

38 weeks! Good Grief!
It's hard to believe that tomorrow I'll be going waking up with one child, and then sometime throughout the day introducing another one to the world! I'm so ready to see her....Grace is, too. I just pray she's healthy and vibrant (and somewhat of a good sleeper!). : ) Or I'll take just healthy.

Here's a last picture of my belly. At 38 weeks, I'm ready to to get my old physical shape back, but I know it could take a while! I love to exercise, and I haven't done much of that this pregnancy, so it'll be nice to be back on that bandwagon! My old workout clothes are calling my name....

Today is my first day of maternity leave, so I plan on spending the day with just Grace. Just us two girls. She's been our main focus for the last 4 years, so thinking about having her share the limelight is.......strange. But she's ready. Very ready. Last night she asked me if she was going to get "Married before Sophie does". The sibling rivalry begins!

Still many thoughts going out to Kelly & Harper on Kelly's Korner blog. It's an amazing journey that I'm sure has already done so much for His Kingdom.....just seeing the way believers hold up other believers in times of need. It's inspiring.

I'll post pics of 'lil Sophie soon! Until then - prayers please for a healthy delivery & baby.

Bible Journey: Numbers 12:1-17:1
Numbers has really started to get good. Last night, I couldn't put it down because the faith of Caleb, Joshua, Moses, Aaron.... it was amazing to read. The way they interceded on behalf of the Israelites, who kept turning on both them and Aaron "stood between the living and the dead" to intercede and stop the plague. How God allowed a nation of many weak believers to continue on because of the faith of a few. How His plan never falters, but how we falter on Him daily with our faith roller coaster.


Ashley said...

Im praying for you and Sophie!! I love that name!!

Betsy said...

Enjoy your last day with just one little sweetie. I will be praying for you tomorrow!! So exciting!!

Vashti said...

Hi. I just found your blog a few days ago and wanted to stop by and wish you a beautiful day tomorrow!! I will pray that everything will be smooth and easy.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found you through Kelly's blog and had to comment and say Good Luck!

I love your maternity tees that you have layered. Do you mind if I ask where you found them? I'm pregnant and they look so cute and comfy.

Flo said...

Dear Anonymous...
Most of these tees are either Liz Lange (from Tar-jay!) or from Old Navy.

Katie said...

I'll be thinking of and praying for y'all! Enjoy it and take care!!

The Garners said...

I'll be praying that everything goes perfectly tomorrow and that Miss Sophie is a healthy gal!!! I can't wait to see her sweet picture!

You look great--you're honestly nothing but a little belly, so you'll probably be wearing your normal, tiny clothes home from the hospital!!! Your pregnancy seems like it's gone by so fast to me!?

I laughed about Grace's marriage question--how funny!

Blessings to your GROWING family!

Heather said...

YEA Flo...praying for a safe delivery and healthy precious Sophie. Thinking of you.

Keri said...

Can't wait to meet you little one.

Amanda said...

Sending you prayers for a good delivery and a healthy baby girl.

Anonymous said...

I loved looking through your blog today. You have such an adorable family and I was so surprised when I saw that you visited Watercolor. We live in the area and spend many days at Camp Creek. I'm so glad that you enjoyed visiting! Come back soon!

Thanks so much on the tee info. I appreciate it and will be on a hunt for tees this week. Best of luck tomorrow!

Andi said...

Can't wait to meet Sophie! I will be praying for a safe delivery and a very healthy Sophie!

Having It All said...

Praying everything goes smoothly.

(a friend of Angela's)

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