Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas! No Card This Year...

To those of you who know me, you know I always send photo Christmas cards. Not this year though. I'm not being a scrooge, nor am I in a state of depression or anything of the like. I love both giving and receiving cards.....opening the mailbox during this time of the year is like Christmas everyday!

But I simply said, "no". It was a myriad of things that led to the "no", but with Sophie on the way (sooner, possibly, after my doctor and I talked about inducing a week early!) , I just felt like her birth announcement could garner all our holiday/New Year wishes, family pictures, updates, etc. in one nice little card.......so be on the lookout for that later on. (Isn't that what you do with multiple kids? Multi-task??)

But know I do wish everyone a very happy, joyful Christmas day! My daughter, Grace, is simply beside herself this year with excitement, and she sings Christmas carols constantly. I, in another "un-Flo" like fashion, am off today to find that one last gift. In normal circumstances, I usually am through shopping by the Dec. 1st! So all in all, it's just a weird end of the year......weird, but hopeful of good things to come.

Merry Christmas!

Bible Journey: Numbers 2:1-3:1

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Country vs. City Life

A Cold Front Was Coming In

I say "city" with a bit of a smile. Our former "city" was only 12,000 people strong. But there's quite a difference between living in that "city" versus living out here in Mimi & Papaw-countryland. Mainly,
A) the noise level.....there's basically no noise, except for the wind, dogs barking, cows mooing.....
B) the fact that there's always work to do.....give hay to the cows, clean out something, chop something, move something..... none of which am I doing much of because my large, 8 1/2 month pregnant self seems to find it awfully painful to bend down and pick up a pen, much less haul hay (that I don't know how to do anyway!).....
and finally, the reason for this post
C) whereas in the city if a cold front was coming in, you'd head to your friendly Wal-mart or Brookeshire's or road side stand to buy someone else's wood they've chopped. Out here, you do it yourself!
Boog, chopping what Papaw had cut down

All in a Day's Work....

Bible Journey: Numbers 1:1-2:1

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ALL ABOARD...The Polar Express!

My wooly hubs, Grace and her cousin, Ella....boarding the Polar Express!

This Christmas, Grace is old enough to really love the movie "Polar Express", and just the other day, I heard her in her room singing the words to the song the little girl sang in the movie.....well, she was making up words, but she was singing. It was sweet.

So Boog & I decided to buy tickets to the Texas "Polar Express" train ride in Palestine, Texas, and Grace was able to bring along her cousin, Ella, for the ride! Complete with hot cocoa, the conductor, a hole-punched ticket, and Christmas caroles....it was a memorable experience! They both received Christmas bells, which both the girls rang mightily the whole way home! Overall, it was a great age for the girls to go on their first train ride to the North Pole!
The Train ala "Polar Express"

Grace thought the "B" he punched was the number 13

The Crew....Pajamas and All....me at 33 weeks - yikes!

Bible Journey: Leviticus 25:1 - Leviticus 27:31

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Been a Long Time, My Friends....

Moving Day
Well, vacating our house was a breeze. I say "a breeze", but on moving day, I had a doctor's appointment and when I came back, my fantastic mother-in-law had practically my whole entire kitchen, Grace's room, and other things packed up like a champ. Talk about a savior! I hate packing dishes..... : ) So here's pic of the last day in our home.....sniff. I kind of miss that little thing.

Now, we're in "in-law"ville.....it hasn't been so bad. Boog enjoys the daily breakfasts and good conversations his parents provide......Grace enjoys all her "mimi & papaw" time....I'm enjoying the peacefulness of country living. No more darting over to Wal-mart.....trips into town have to be thought through! Talk about a way to curb those expenditures!

We're still in the phase of deciding where our next home will be.......THAT'S a task.

I did receive my first monogrammed gift for Sophie by my sweet friend Stephanie. It put things into perspective seeing her name.....all official. She'll be here in less than 8 weeks or so! Aaarrrgghh.....I need to buy some diapers or something, don't I?
Sophie's Duds
And finally, an update on Grace. At four, she's turned over two new leaves. 1) She's become a MAJOR daddy's girl. In fact, momma just won't do anymore. It's all daddy. I had heard this would happen, but I was hoping it would be later.....not now! This is a picture of her getting ready for her choir performance at church last Sunday.
The second leaf she's turned over is me constantly asking the question "Who's Child IS this?". Certainly not my sweet, subdued Gracie! This is the perfect picture of how that choir performance went.......all silliness and goofy faces in front of 300+ people. She's no shy-gal anymore! Boog and I were both in tears after her "performance".

All in all, it's been a crazy past couple of weeks. I know God has a plan for this time and for our future, so I try not to worry too much. Bringing Sophie to a place other than her "home" wasn't exactly what I had planned, but then again, I can't complain. I'm just thankful to have a place to stay while we figure out our living situation. Besides, living in "Mimi-Wonderland" for Christmas isn't Motel 6.....it's kind of nice!

Bible Journey: Leviticus 20:1-25:1

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday's THE day!

Tomorrow we sign on the dotted line and this home is no longer ours.

Tomorrow is also the day I go in the morning for my 3 hour glucose test since I failed the 1 hour.......I guess I didn't study enough! Poor baby Sophie - I hope everything's okay in there. I hope she's not missing any nutrition since I'm having to fast - again.

Tomorrow is the day when I start packing my first box of "stuff". I really haven't packed a thing. Not one.

Tomorrow is a day off from work (thankfully!)

Tomorrow is the start of living with the in-laws for a while. Aren't there TV shows about this??

And tomorrow is the day Boog & I get serious about the question - to buy or to build? Hmmmmmm........

Finally, tomorrow is the day where Boog & I can finally yell -in Dave Ramsey's words - "FREEDOM!". We did it. : )

Tomorrow just might be a good day!

Bible Journey: Leviticus 14:1-Leviticus 20:1

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Memory Sheds Light

Michelangelo's Slave Series

My last year in college, my dad offered to me a trip I couldn't refuse. 10 days traveling through Italy, by myself. Well, I say by myself, but it was with a group of strangers and a tour guide, so really - it was by myself. We would travel through 6 different cities in 10 days.....I couldn't say no.

I had been dating Boog for a few months and I was going to miss him desperately, but it didn't matter. I had to go. I remember being very excited about two things: 1) seeing Venice and floating in a gondola and 2) going to Florence (for obvious reasons). Really, I was excited about going somewhere on my own. Independence is a great thing sometimes, especially for a 22 year old.

I remember visiting all the "hyped" up places - the supposed touristy spots - and being greatly let down. Rome, I thought was overcrowded (although Julius Caesar's burial sight was intense). Florence, as beautiful as I had heard it was going to be, seemed to be a bit more "shopping oriented" and not as interesting as I thought it would be. And Venice....well, Venice always pleases....although without Boog there, it's just a boat in some murky water - you need your love interest in that city!

However, on the trip, I was suprised at how amazed I was by things I hadn't even thought about. First and foremost, the best memory I have is seeing the statue of The David in the Vatican. It took my breath away and lined along the hallway as you approach him, are these unfinished sculptures. The "Slave" series. Unfinished forms that seem to be emerging from stone....beautiful because they look like they are trapped - or are they almost free? It's the glass half-full, half-empty debate. They are lovely. I also loved the smaller, less known towns, walking around by myself, dipping my feet in the Mediterrenean Sea, and writing on the wall of the supposed balcony scene of Romeo & Juliet "Flo loves Boog". (Sappy, I know....but it's still there!)

Anyway, I was reminded of those unexpected pleasures the other day. I thought about how, like life, those "big events"....the things you think are going to bring you the most happiness or joy usually pale in comparison to the smaller, unpexpected joyful moments. Like seeing my daughter crack a joke. Or baking cookies that actually turn out good. Or laughing with Boog at something silly a football player said during a post-game interview.

So this Friday, when we close on this house, I have to remind myself about those "big events". That it's just a place. It's just a house. This "big event" will become unspectacular in my memory, but it's the smaller things that will stay there. I can't remember one thing about Rome really.....but those emerging, unfinished statues have stayed in there for quite a while - even with my alzheimerish, pregnant brain memory!

(So yes, we are still in motion to close on our house in just four short days. I haven't packed one thing. Not one. Partially because I haven't had the time, and partially because I know the real estate world good enough to know that anything can happen from here until the dotted line is signed. Anything. Once it's signed though, it's go time. Packing, Moving....to where? We still don't know our end destination. My prayer this morning was for God to open doors and allow us to easily walk through them with confidence and faith. It always seems like whenever I'm trying to push my own agenda, that's when it gets hard to walk through those doors....even hard to see those doors. When it's not my agenda and soley His, those doors seem to open effortlessly.......with ease and comfort and peace.)

Bible Journey: Leviticus 5:1-14:1

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something happy, Something annoying, and Something Stressful

Let's start with the happy.

My face has been really happy for the past 3 months with this new product found at Wally-World for around $6 bucks. Allure Magazine gave it their "Best Product" award, so I tried it. I've been searching for a cleanser that would make my skin quit doing the teenagery thing of breaking out - this has worked! 3 months now and I can't remember my last breakout. Good stuff!

Now the annoying.

Hollister - ugh. I've never been in your store until today. And I'll never go back. My preggo brain left my sweet niece's birthday out in left field somewhere, so I ran out to the nearest mall to get a gift certificate to stick in the mail. She's 13. She's entered the world of Hollister apparently, and that's what she wanted. Upon arriving, first off, I'm old now and I could barely hear the young cash register gal for sake of the loud music blaring. Second, I had two choices in gift cards. Option # 1 had two almost naked teens making out on the front......Option #2 had one almost naked man on the front, baring his waxed chest. Hmmmmmm......which one should a 13 year old receive? NONE. I chose the lesser of two evils (is there really such a thing?) - the almost naked man - and quickly called my sister so she could intercept the scathing gift card and just tell my niece how much Aunt Flo said she can spend. I should have said no to both and gotten out of that place. Shoulda, coulda, woulda..........I'm kicking myself.

And finally, the STRESSFUL.

Little bit of background. Last year, almost one year exactly, we toyed with the idea of selling our sweet, little home. We were planning on trying for baby #2, and we needed something bigger. Not huge, just bigger. A sweet elderly couple fell in love with our home, put a contract on it, and tried to sell their own house. Their house never sold, so our house never got sold. We stayed put, took our house off the market, and good thing we did, because it took us over a year to get this little bun in my rapidly growing oven. We didn't need a bigger home at that time. (Need is a funny word anyway, I don't need any size home. I would like a bigger closet, but I don't need one!)

Fast forward to a week ago . We got a phone call. The sweet elderly couple finally got a contract on their house. They're closing next Friday. NEXT Friday. They want to buy our house again, and want to close on ours NEXT Friday, too. NEXT Friday. (Did I say that already?)

What do Boog & I do? We accept. We have a baby on the way, it's the holidays, but we we accept. Because? Now we sort of, kind of, would like a home that fits this growing family. Not huge, just bigger. God has His perfect plan, doesn't He? I'm a bit stressed, but we'll be packing up our things and heading to the in-laws for a while to figure out whether we build, buy, rent, shuffle along the street.....whatever. Pray for Boog & I to keep our sanity please!

Bible Journey: Leviticus 4:1- 5:1

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sophie's First Picture

Lil' Sophie...can you spot her face?
This was a 3D shot taken back at 20 weeks, and I'm finally getting it on bloggerville after a little encouragement from friend (ahem...Keri!). I loved seeing her little lips and eyes....nose.....

Sophie's getting to be quite the mover and shaker these days. I can't remember pregnancy being quite this uncomfortable.....approaching 7 months now....it's definitely taking it's toll on my body a bit more. Backrubs are always good.

Things have started to slow down at the homefront, which is nice. But in school, things are just gearing up. (Note to all parents out there.....give your child's teacher a note of encouragement over the next few weeks. The kiddos and their craziness around the holidays is enough to make any sane teacher wonder why she didn't get certified in anything else - accounting, lawyering, fencing, aerobicizing.....anything other than teaching! : )

My Boog is running in a 30 mile trail run tomorrow. Yep - 30 miles. I'm good if I'm walking .03 miles these days.........I'm using Sophie as an excuse. I'll get back on track after she's born.....I'm thinking Pilates classes. Anyone interested?

Bible Journey: Leviticus 1:1-4:1

Friday, October 31, 2008

What a couple of weeks!

Flying High! Halloween Lady Bug!

THIS has been the longest two weeks ever. It seems as if either myself or Boog or us together had something to do nearly every night for the past 14 days. I'm sure that's not the case, but it seems that way.

Halloween '08 started and has ended. (Whew!) My little girl decided to be a ladybug, along with her cousin, and we took part in our church's Annual Fall Festival. I kept thinking how different it's going to be next year hanging onto a little baby while making sure my other child doesn't wander off with the sea of Halloweeners......why didn't God invent mothers with octopus hands? We NEED 8 of them!
Gettin' a Boost from Mimi

Grace in her duds

Anyway, we are tired, but I HAD to blog. It's been forever. Here's a picture of MY costume - a very preggers gal. That's my costume. 6 1/2 months now and STILL no nursery. What is wrong with that picture? With Grace, I think I had her nursery completely done by now with at least a three month supply of diapers and wipes. Poor 'lil Sophie! Getting the shaft already. I was the #2 child who always got the shaft.....you'd think I'd know better! ( I must try harder, note to self.)

On another note, God's mysteriousness had been ever present this week. He's woven in some truly wonderful things like friends giving birth for the first time, with some utterly sad losses. I couldn't sleep last night, so I got out of bed at 1am and read the rest of Exodus in the quiet of the morning hours. My brain couldn't stop itself from thinking of how things can change in a moment's notice.

Bible Journey: Exodus 28:1-Leviticus 1:1
Onto Leviticus. Man.....our God. He's such a perfectionist. Wait....he really IS a perfectionist. Those were my thoughts as I read the intricacies of his building plan for the Ark of the Covenant. How he cared about the color of the thread in the drapes and how many lampstands there would be, how long they would burn, with what kind of oil, and how the priests would dress......the dimensions, the layout, the colors.....how it all would be created by the craftsmen He gifted for just that purpose. Such a perfectionist...what can I say? I'm preparing myself for Leviticus right now.....I always give up on that book. I won't this time.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've been tagged. Here are the rules:
1. Open your pictures folder.

2. Go to the sixth folder.
3. Open the sixth picture.
4. Import into your blog and tell the story.

Here's my photo!

This is a photo from our Breckenridge ski trip back in Christmas '06. Grace (if you can see her!) is skiing on the bunny hill for the first time! The skis were actually a little too big, but she was a trooper. Daddy was a trooper, too, for even trying to get a 2 1/2 year old to ski.

Grace is a well-traveled tot. She's been to Colorado (twice), Florida (twice), California, all over Texas......way more places than I had ever been to at her age. Traveling is something Boog and I plan to continue trying to do with our children.....maybe venturing internationally one of these days. We want to show her the world. But something else about Grace that I'm noticing more and more - she's a lot like her daddy. Not afraid to try new things, always up for an adventure, cautious but curious....so her loving the slopes was no surprise.

Anyway, the Ferrell family loves to ski, so I can't wait to hit the slopes one day with my two girls.....maybe I should wait until Sophie can actually walk first, huh?

I now tag: Stephanie, Heather, and Jennifer!

Bible Journey: Exodus 22:1 - Exodus 28:1
I love the descriptions of God in the Bible. Mainly, I love the sounds and pictures that are associated with who He is......in Exodus it talks about the thundering, lightening, and deafening trumpet sounds that the Israelites saw and heard when God's presence was on Mt. Sinai. I can't even imagine what that must have looked like or sounded like....loud trumpet sounds amidst a thunderstorm like no other. In Revelation, where it describes His voice "like the sound of many waters". Can you just imagine how overpowering the sound of a waterfall is...and attribute that to His voice? And in Exodus, just simply describing how the Lord's feet were standing on a road of sapphire with clarity unlike anything we know. As a visual person, this stuff gets to me! I imagine meeting God one day and truly having the question ....'Will I dance for you Jesus?' (to quote "I Can Only Imagine") being answered - YES. Because that is the only response I might have to His magnificence.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stop. Breath In. Exhale.

Today, Boog & I found ourselves a bit overwhelmed. Most of it was the "post vacation" stress of catching up with life after being gone four days. Some of it was self-made "have to's" (ie. this weekend's garage sale that we reluctantly agreed to do with our neighbor), some were weekly commitments, but most of it was just life.

I kept telling Boog we need to quit the whining. Really....I'm so sweet, sometimes. But what I meant was, it's just like this occasionally. It's busy. These months, for some reason, everyone starts to plan things.....parties, functions, get togethers, festivals, water fights, cat fights you name it - it's planned.

But then - everything stops. January usually puts the capital B in Boredom.....do you agree? And we adjust to life in winter lane where the tv is bad and the weather is worse. Longing for spring to rejuvenate things again.

What's worse? Boredom or Busyness?

I prefer the wave.

A time of busyness, to let me know that I'm still alive and there are people around me to care for (not that I do a great job, but I try). Followed by a time of boredom, to let me clean my house and organize my life......you know, the wave.

Without the wave, I think I would either have a heart attack by stress or die of loneliness if either of the two became my only option.

I know there are others out there probably surfing the Busy Wave right now. If so, count your blessings. You could have no one to care for.....or have nothing to be a part of.......or no one that cared if you were there or not.

Today (and maybe just today....hey, one victory at a time), I choose to quit the whining myself. Count my blessings......and enjoy surfing. Surfing must be on my mind.....I did just get back from California!

Bible Journey: Exodus 21:1-22:1

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Sweet Californian/Texas friends!

The Ledbetters
What a trip! 3 days......a whirlwind tour of beautiful California.....completion of a marathon (NOT me -Boog!) and spending time with the kind of friends that just make you smile.

California. What can I say? I now know why people spend oodles of money to live and work out there......it's 100% beautiful. The people are friendly, the air seems cleaner (maybe because of the smoking ban), and everywhere you go - pedestrians rule. Not because they force their kingship, but because there are so many dadgum health conscious people out there, that you see bikers, hikers, runners, surfers, walkers everywhere. 6am, 9am....you name it, people are outside burning their body fat and enjoying a great quality of life. For all the health consciousness, it just might be worth an earthquake or two.

But the main purpose and joy out of our quick trip to San Diego was to see our friends, the Ledbetters. They are the kind of friends that you pick right up with....even when it's been five years since seeing them. Their cute as a button daughter was Grace's BFF for the weekend - she was in baby heaven. And well, you can't say enough about a guy who dropped everything to be a Marine and pilot this gi-normous helicopter below and save a few thousand lives.......and a woman who supported his choice, even when she was delivering their first child while he was in Iraq. Amazing.
Jared said, "This is your basic helicopter." Yeah, right!

Captain Ledbetter, inside his 'copter.....bleeding Aggie maroon.

Grace, trying to figure out how in the world Capt. Ledbetter flies this thing...

After a tour of Jared's base and 'basic helicopter' ( I can't get over how he thinks it's "basic"....you should see the thing!), we traveled up "Beach City" road and drove through Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, all the way to Long Beach where Boog's first marathon was held. Him and Jared did great, finishing right at 4 hours.
The Happy Runners- Jared & Boog!

There were over 18,000 participants in all the races

Grace and I...supporting our man!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. I was a bit sad to leave Cali.....I could get used to that lifestyle. And Grace? She was sad to leave little Izzy.....they were good buds. Friends are few and far between - I'm glad we got to share this weekend together.

Grace & Isabelle

Bible Journey: Exodus 19:1-21:0

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

California Bound!

2:00 tomorrow, I'll be leaving my 18 little crazies.... I mean, sweet students...and heading for DFW Airport, where I'll sit....and wait....and wait....and pray....and wait for my flight to begin. I'm not a nervous flyer, I just simply pray that the cockpit team has had a full night's rest and plenty of experience. But....it does ease the worry a little that if the plane does happen to go down - at least my entire family will be with me. (My mind!!)

Grace is super-uber-excited. And Boog....well, he's gearing up to run in the Long Beach Marathon, so he's just ready to conquer that....(what'll be next for him to conquer, dare I ask?) Anyhoo, all this traveling for a couple of friends. But what friends they are....

I can't wait to share with you pictures of this lovely couple and their new family. During mine & Boog's early married years -sans children - we hung out with the Ledbetter's nearly every week in Dallas. We were young married couples with nothing but time to burn. You know how you meet a couple and you just click? That was how it was with them. We'd known Jared from college, but his wife was new to us....but boy, did we have fun together. It definitely was a God-given friendship and we're blessed to have been able to continue that friendship even after moves, his stint in Iraq, career changes, etc.

So we're headed off to see their new daughter, for Jared & Boog to run the marathon together, and for us to catch up before he heads off to his second tour in Iraq. Pray for a safe flight, please! I'll post pictures soon!

Bible Journey Exodus 17:1 - 19:1
I was beginning to get so frustrated with those complaining Israelites! After God had done all these wonders....parting the Red Sea, raining down manna for their sustenance, giving them light to walk by at night for goodness sake.......all that, and then, when they get a little thirsty or hungry or impatient, they start the "Why did you deliver us from the Egyptians?" complaining to Moses....thinking they had it so much better then. I was beginning to get frustrated.....and then, like a lightbulb, I started to think how we're no different sometimes. How easily we forget the blessings when a moment of hardship happens in our lives. How easily we forget that God was with us through all of our trials.....I know that's no new revelation, but since they were testing MY patience and I was just reading along, wondering why Moses didn't put the smack down on them, I faced up to the reality of my selfish complaining. Why doesn't God put 'the smack down' on me?.......only He knows.....thank goodness.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Hate Being Away From Her....

"Depression" is what I called it last night, to Boog. Not the kind where I need to go get medication, but a depression of the heart.

Grace and I went to Waco yesterday to see my brother-in-law get ordained as a deacon in his church. It was a sweet, simple ceremony to which I kept thinking how 90% of his large church probably didn't even realize that the man they picked to serve as deacon, was already a servant in so many ways.....full of humility, washing other's feet daily. That's just the person he is.

I planned on staying just the afternoon. Angela, however, had extended an invitation for Grace to sleepover......to which Grace told me in on the way there, in not so many words, "No, I want to sleep in my bed tonight." BUT.....as soon as she got to "Beeler Fun House", full of new, different toys and a great pal, Landrie, she changed her tune. So I set off for home by myself, knowing Grace was in good hands, and knowing I could get a heck of a lot done with my day off on Monday!

However, as soon as I got home, my heart hurt. Our house was so quiet. I missed my little girl. I was sad she wasn't in the next room, peacefully sleeping. I just fell asleep while Boog was watching a movie.....maybe to make the time pass.

Today, as I cleaned my house and got "the stuff" done that I was wanting, I wandered in and out of Grace's room......it's sweetness and simpleness. My feelings turned from sadness to thankfulness. So thankful to have been given the opportunity to be her mother for four years......already thinking of how the future will be here too soon......wondering if the "Marriage Masterpiece in progress" that Boog & I work on daily will give her a good example of the type of marriage and husband she wants for herself.........wondering if I'll be able to handle those tough teen years when she wants to make decisions for herself......thinking how I hope even when circumstances might not be the best, our family will always find our hope in God.....and pass that hope on to Grace.

What a responsibility a life is!

And now, adding little Sophie to the mix.......sometimes I wish I was a little more naive about parenting, like I was with Grace.......
Bible Journey- Exodus 16:5 - Exodus 17:1

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Free Day!

Happy Fall!

One must have a day where nothing is on the agenda. Today was that day for us! Oh....we did get busy a little. This morning, I asked Boog to unload all of Grace's baby clothes (0 mos - 3T)from storage to see if anything was keepable for 'lil Sophie. Out of the 14 plastic containers we had been storing for four years........I kept one bag full. How's that for trying to be frugal? I was trying to save and reuse......but unfortunately, after 4 years of storing, the colors were faded, spots were darkened, and well.....'lil Sophie just might need a new outfit or two! So.....the rest are going into a garage sale....or donation pile....or something.

But other than that, we Ferrell's hung around the house, watched college football (not the Ags, mind you, no decent TV station wants to get within a mile of this season's team. Boo.) and did what you sometimes need to do on these beautiful Fall days - relax. : )

(We're headed to California in T minus 4 days to visit some precious friends and their new daughter......I can't wait! Pictures will be coming soon!)

I DID bake a dump cake....would you call that baking?

Grace takin' a nap on daddy's shoulder

Bible Journey Exodus 13:1-16:5

Monday, September 29, 2008

Girls Weekend

Just the 4....of the original 7!

While my hubby enjoyed a weekend Marriage Matters Conference, alone, at our church, and took care of our lovely precious daughter, I attended my own conference (of sorts). The conference of my highschool friends "Girls Weekend 2008!" It's been planned for months, so don't flog me for leaving my sweet hubby to take notes at the conference......I couldn't miss out on our first annual retreat!

There are 7 of us originally....3 couldn't make it at the last minute. So the four of us found ourselves in the middle of uptown Dallas, in a hotel that also was the hotel of the Washington Redskins wives for the weekend. Talk about seeing a lot of bling! Bling, bling everywhere! It was quite funny pulling up to the valet in my Subaru station wagon.....I almost wondered if they were going to say, "the servant's parking is out back, ma'am". But nonetheless, they took my wagon into shelter with the other bling-mobiles.

It was a good weekend of reminiscing and catching up. I found out two things. One - when you get women together without kids......gluttony ensues. I think we ate more this weekend (and I gained more poundage this weekend) than I've ate my entire pregnancy. Please double chin.....go away, now! The second thing I found out was - I seemed to have blocked out so many of the crazy things I did as a youth! The stories that were retold.....knocked all our socks off. We all had forgotten something crazy we had done. Would you call that a bad memory or forced amnesia?

First eating stop was, of course, the desirable PF Chang's.

They had THE CUTEST little desserts!

At the end of the weekend, I was glad to have re-connected with girls who were.....essential to me being who I am today. We all counted our blessings that we had each other as friends from 6th grade on....... (girls, you know how hard that is!) We all went our separate ways after high school, each leading different lives with different experiences, but our connection remains the same. It's just like old times when we get together - minus the teenage angst.

I was glad to get home though. The bit of a homebody that I am, being away and endless talk about our children and lives, made me excited to get back to my child and my life, with my hubby. It was good to get away though...although next year, I'll be glad to do some shopping without the Sophie-girl pressing on my bladder every 15 minutes!
Night out!

Bible Journey: Exodus 11:1-13:1

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Want To Be a Hooker....

Aha! That got ya!.......now that I have you, let me explain.

I'd love to be a hooker, as in, "one who hooks".
I've googled all around to find a hooking class, and have yet to find one.

I love this hooked rug!
I'm an artsy person. I can draw. I like to create with my hands. (I don't paint all that well though, which is too bad because painting classes are the most common.) My mom probably instilled most of the artsy-ness in me. I remember she would take her two little annoying children and teach them the art of ceramics at our kitchen table....how to use the tools, what the steps were, and then we'd fire up the professional-sized kiln that she housed in our garage (a sure fire hazard), and just a day later, we would have a beautiful Christmas present to give my grandma. (Poor grandma....I'm remembering right now the not so lovely duck cup that I once made her that she so proudly displayed in her kitchen.)

So....in searching for an outlet for my creative energy, I decided to put together my love of "old things" and my desire for a hobby and I came up with hooking. How hard can it be? I love hooked rugs...pillows...all of it.

In fact, I love most things that are old. My dream home one day would be an "old Americana-cottage-y" type house with wood floors, bead boards, and all of these below:

old iron chandeliers

I'd paint the white walls, but all this wicker and wood ....heaven!

Old dented furniture....

White antique pottery....

And I'd fill my house with handmade pottery ....

.......to dream! But all of this is much harder than I thought. There's no hooking class anywhere in a close vicinity, the "Old-Americana-Cottagy" house is hard to come by unless you build, and where do you find the time to go hunting for that great piece of dented furniture?

The answer is: You just do. I can't forget that even though we lead busy lives, creativeness and things we are passionate about still trump our "to do" lists. So I'll continue searching....maybe one of my blogger friends has a "hooker" for an aunt that she can reccommend. In a non-prostitute sort of way.

Bible Journey: Exodus 9:1-11:1
Thanks to Molly, Boog, and Jimbo for helping me sort out my questions in Exodus Ch. 4 (not Ch. 5 like I had earlier mentioned!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Confessions of a Homebody

I am a homer. A homebody. Someone who loves the home. Not just a home, but my home. Not so much in the summer, but definitely in weather like this - cool, crisp, football weather - I find myself wanting to push my hectic schedule aside, quit volunteering for different activities, and just go home after work. Do laundry.....make some stew & cornbread....watch a little telly.....veg out. Do nothing. It's funny, though, I don't remember being a homebody growing up. Maybe it's the fact that this is my home now.....decorated the way I like....with things organized just so.....any other home doesn't do it. (Well, maybe my mother-in-law's, but her home would make even the Grinch want to pull a chair up and stay a while.)

Undoubtably, we've all been there. And there's always a season to do just that......this is mine. Being 5 months pregnant might have something to do with it, but that can't be the only reason. Now, saying that, I've got a hubby here who is 100% go, go, go all the time. Rare is it that he ever wants to sit and veg. Sometimes.....but not often. So often I veg alone....Gracie & I. No, she plays. I veg.

True to homer's nature though, I already don't want to overschedule Grace.....I opted out of t-ball this year because I just didn't want us to be "scheduled" in the summer. But I can only hold out for so long....the ballet lessons will come. Tap shoes will come. Gymnastics will come. And with Sophie on the way? Whew......let's just say I know my world of "one-child ease at home" is about to change!

So, to all the homers out there, you've got a friend in me. I understand the difference between being a homer and a loner. No loners here....I've got one or two friends, I think. Okay, three.

Anyhoo.....just rambling some thoughts on my mind after my day of being a homebody. Loved it!
Homebody afternoons!
Genesis 7:3-Genesis 9:1
I haven't been reporting lately on my readings, and to be honest, Exodus has been way more challenging than I remember! There was a part back in Ch. 5 that I still can't wrap my mind around.....but don't you find that a lot in the Bible? Not being able to wrap our little, scrawny minds around the brainiac, genius of God? Sort of like a baby.... they come from your body and you know that one day they'll be able to understand so much....but for now, all they can do is just trust that you are going to take care of them and provide for them and walk with them through the hard times. So I'm like a baby right now, I guess......hmmmm....I've gotta get better at that trusting part!

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