Monday, November 17, 2008

A Memory Sheds Light

Michelangelo's Slave Series

My last year in college, my dad offered to me a trip I couldn't refuse. 10 days traveling through Italy, by myself. Well, I say by myself, but it was with a group of strangers and a tour guide, so really - it was by myself. We would travel through 6 different cities in 10 days.....I couldn't say no.

I had been dating Boog for a few months and I was going to miss him desperately, but it didn't matter. I had to go. I remember being very excited about two things: 1) seeing Venice and floating in a gondola and 2) going to Florence (for obvious reasons). Really, I was excited about going somewhere on my own. Independence is a great thing sometimes, especially for a 22 year old.

I remember visiting all the "hyped" up places - the supposed touristy spots - and being greatly let down. Rome, I thought was overcrowded (although Julius Caesar's burial sight was intense). Florence, as beautiful as I had heard it was going to be, seemed to be a bit more "shopping oriented" and not as interesting as I thought it would be. And Venice....well, Venice always pleases....although without Boog there, it's just a boat in some murky water - you need your love interest in that city!

However, on the trip, I was suprised at how amazed I was by things I hadn't even thought about. First and foremost, the best memory I have is seeing the statue of The David in the Vatican. It took my breath away and lined along the hallway as you approach him, are these unfinished sculptures. The "Slave" series. Unfinished forms that seem to be emerging from stone....beautiful because they look like they are trapped - or are they almost free? It's the glass half-full, half-empty debate. They are lovely. I also loved the smaller, less known towns, walking around by myself, dipping my feet in the Mediterrenean Sea, and writing on the wall of the supposed balcony scene of Romeo & Juliet "Flo loves Boog". (Sappy, I know....but it's still there!)

Anyway, I was reminded of those unexpected pleasures the other day. I thought about how, like life, those "big events"....the things you think are going to bring you the most happiness or joy usually pale in comparison to the smaller, unpexpected joyful moments. Like seeing my daughter crack a joke. Or baking cookies that actually turn out good. Or laughing with Boog at something silly a football player said during a post-game interview.

So this Friday, when we close on this house, I have to remind myself about those "big events". That it's just a place. It's just a house. This "big event" will become unspectacular in my memory, but it's the smaller things that will stay there. I can't remember one thing about Rome really.....but those emerging, unfinished statues have stayed in there for quite a while - even with my alzheimerish, pregnant brain memory!

(So yes, we are still in motion to close on our house in just four short days. I haven't packed one thing. Not one. Partially because I haven't had the time, and partially because I know the real estate world good enough to know that anything can happen from here until the dotted line is signed. Anything. Once it's signed though, it's go time. Packing, where? We still don't know our end destination. My prayer this morning was for God to open doors and allow us to easily walk through them with confidence and faith. It always seems like whenever I'm trying to push my own agenda, that's when it gets hard to walk through those doors....even hard to see those doors. When it's not my agenda and soley His, those doors seem to open effortlessly.......with ease and comfort and peace.)

Bible Journey: Leviticus 5:1-14:1


Amanda said...

Wishing you all the best on all your life changing happenings. New House, new baby, could be a wonderful new year.

SuperMom said...

This was your best piece of writing yet. Good job!

And I know you think I'm dad's favorite, but all I got for graduation was a washer and dryer.

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