Friday, November 7, 2008

Sophie's First Picture

Lil' Sophie...can you spot her face?
This was a 3D shot taken back at 20 weeks, and I'm finally getting it on bloggerville after a little encouragement from friend (ahem...Keri!). I loved seeing her little lips and eyes....nose.....

Sophie's getting to be quite the mover and shaker these days. I can't remember pregnancy being quite this uncomfortable.....approaching 7 months's definitely taking it's toll on my body a bit more. Backrubs are always good.

Things have started to slow down at the homefront, which is nice. But in school, things are just gearing up. (Note to all parents out there.....give your child's teacher a note of encouragement over the next few weeks. The kiddos and their craziness around the holidays is enough to make any sane teacher wonder why she didn't get certified in anything else - accounting, lawyering, fencing, aerobicizing.....anything other than teaching! : )

My Boog is running in a 30 mile trail run tomorrow. Yep - 30 miles. I'm good if I'm walking .03 miles these days.........I'm using Sophie as an excuse. I'll get back on track after she's born.....I'm thinking Pilates classes. Anyone interested?

Bible Journey: Leviticus 1:1-4:1


The Allens said...

I'm getting massages every week now and I'm only at 24 weeks!

Stephanie said...

Flo.....Sophie is beautiful!!!! : )

I wish we lived closer....I'd take Pilates with you. Any chance Boog's job might bring him to the Houston area one day??

Twice as Nice said...

We're having a give away and would love for you to be a part of it :o)

The Garners said...

I do see her sweet face! Those ultrasounds are soooo neat!

Keri said...

2o week pic and you're 28 weeks now? Well it's about time! We ALL want to see this sweet baby. I think I can see a little bit of Grace in that pic.

When is your next sonogram, so I can give you a gentle reminder?

Briana Rachel said...

Awe, I love baby's! Already she's tooooo cute!♥

The Lorick Family said... seems like time has gone by so quickly. With the holidays coming up I am sure you will feel like Sophie is here in no time! I can't wait to meet her! Hopefully I will have the opportunity to provide her with a little girl playmate...if not I guess an arragnged marriage will do!:)

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