Friday, March 27, 2009

Skinny Jeans? How About "Workin' On It" Jeans....

I thought these would be a fad. A passing trend. Like pinch-rolled jeans or double-socks or.....the dreaded "hammer-time" shirts and pants. Ew.

I know I could be blogging about real issues in life. How our economy is in the pits, or job losses, or how I totally forgot to put on deodorant this morning ( I eventually put some on thanks to a friend who has a purse with her entire house in it! Don't "ew" at me borrowing gotta do what you gotta do!) BUT....those issues aren't nearly as fun to discuss. And they put me in an extra-sensitive "don't buy anything we don't really need" mood. That's never fun.

So....skinny jeans it is. I have tried on one pair - before Sophie pregnancy. They didn't look so hot on me......or maybe it was because I didn't have the right shoes or something! But nonetheless. The look didn't work. I felt like I was trying to be 20 again........

But my sister just bought some and said they were "so cute!". Wait. Cute on her and not me? Should I try again?

Then I realized something. I'm not yet able to squeeze into my old jeans - much less jeans that are called 'skinny'. The girth from Sophie has yet to fade. And my constant eating (which I attribute to nursing! Yeah...I'm milking that reason.) isn't helping the girth. My girth - ohhhh......I'll start on that come April 1st. I really will!

So skinny jeans.....not yet. Maybe not ever.
Happy Friday all!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break Snapshots!

My Sunny Flower!

My Sunshine Sweetie!
My desperate need for sunshine! ( need a tan there, Flo!)

Spring Break is over and I am sad.
I'm looking forward to summer fun now.
10 weeks - let's go by fast now, y'hear?

Hope you all had a great spring break!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:
1. Take an international trip with my family (Scotland, Italy, Africa...somewhere!)
2. Be involved with some sort of food/homeless ministry...however God wants to develop that.
3. Finish reading all of the Bible
4. Get lasik eye surgery
5. Go on a "Boog & Flo" trip - just the two of us
6. Go on a "Girls Only" vacation with just my sister and our girls
7. Truly enjoy those "moments" with my daughters ( picking out prom dresses, planning their weddings, etc.)

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. Come up with creative ideas for teaching
2. Keep a neat house
3. Bake
4. Be alone
5. Smile a lot : )
6. Be self-depricating
7. Pick good interior paint colors

Seven Things I Can't Do:
1. Stay up late
2. Be a Type A person
3. Pay full price for clothes
4. Determine North/South/East/West without a compass
5. Work in an office setting again
6. Read fiction novels
7. Wake up earlier than I have to

Seven Things that Attracted Me to My Mister:
1. His brown eyes
2. His super-excitable personality
3. He was a country boy
4. He says ( and writes) what he feels
5. He loves his family & Jesus
6. His big heart
7. He's got integrity

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1. "Graaaaccceee......"
2. "Really?"
3. "Anyway...."
4. "So what time will you be home?" (this to my hubs)
5. "Nevermind"
6. "y'know"
7. "Goodness gracious!"

Seven Things I Admire:
1. The way Boog is with Grace
2. My in-laws - for their marriage
3. My relationship with my sister
4. God's gifting of people (for singing, communication, creating, etc.)
5. God-loving families
6. The Cosby Show - for it's down-to-earth wholesomeness
7. Unexpected thoughtfulness

Seven Favorite Foods:
1. Pot roast/mashed potatoes
2. Key Lime Pie
3. Jenna's enchilada meal (No lie, Jenna!)
4. Mongolian Beef from PF Chang's
5. Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell Ice Cream
6. Chicken Ceasar salads/wraps/etc.
7. Rotel Dip

Monday, March 16, 2009

Following in Our Footsteps.....

A while ago, I wrote a blog about how my sister and I are best friends, but basically, our genes were split right down the middle. I got one side, she got the other....we're chocolate and vanilla at almost everything! Well, already, I'm noticing that trend continue with Grace and her little sister! They are total opposites so far........

1) Grace was a very scheduled baby. At 6 weeks, she was already in a good little sleeping pattern and regular naps. Sophie? I'm clueless. No pattern whatsoever, Goose. She goes to bed at 7:30 on night and 12:00 the next! *Help!*

2) Grace would wake up at every peep we made. Sophie? I could drill a whole in the floor right next to her and she'd never know it.

3) Grace would eat a full meal at each nursing opportunity. Sophie? She'd rather snack for a few minutes, then wait 30 minutes, snack again, then wait 45 minutes, snack again, then wait an hour.......exhausting! : )

So if this trend continues, I'm thinking I'll have my hands full with an entire gammet of female hormones! BUT.....onto other stuff. I'm a creature of habit and lately, my habit has been to eat this every morning! I think it helps something in Sophie, too, because everytime I eat it, Sophie has a poopie diaper shortly after!

Granola, vanilla yogurt, and fruit...

And finally, Easter dresses! I caved and bought matching ones! AND....I bought comfortable ones. I'm SUCH a comfort girl with my daughters. I'd rather Grace be in cotton shorts and a t-shirt than bows and dresses. So for Easter, I found cotton dresses so they don't have to be sitting in church all..... stuffy.

On a whole other note, pray for me please. Ever since Sophie's been born, and living out here with my in-laws, and building, etc. etc. etc......I've lost my routine of being in the Word daily and having regular quiet time. Yesterday at church, I started to tear up (yes, me....tearing up!) because I just know that I haven't been doing what I should be doing, and I'm missing that time with God. My life's kind of amiss right now.......I'm ready to get things back in order!

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Been So Long....

...since I've blogged! I miss it! BUT. There's been good reason I've been a blog-less lady lately....

1) a 7-almost 8- week old baby girl who is so wonderful I can't even stand it!

2) a very slowwwww moving home building process (but we DO have a well now. Water- yipee!!)

3) going back to work. Two sweet students moved away during my maternity leave, and three wild new ones came in their place. Needless to say, my classroom is a zoo now.

With all the "life stuff" going on in our Ferrell household, sometimes I feel like my life's a zoo. However, with each of those things that are going on, I continue to count my blessings. The ability to be able to build a house, to have a job, to have a healthy baby.....those things make me so thankful!

The house really has been a slow mover, but hopefully things will start moving within the last half of this month. Boog & I are still talking - no huge conflicts over the color of the paint or anything! We actually see eye to eye on many things because we both are inspired over pictures like this:
Inspriation for our house....

Look at those beams and wood walls!

Hello lovely kitchen - I'm loving the old wood cabinets and fabric!

Love this galvanized outside light fixture! (lowe's $19.99!)

Anyway, I'm not really a super picky person. In fact, last night at Lowe's, Boog and I picked out most of our hardware for our house and it turned out that most of the things we liked were much, much lower than our allowances.

It pays to be simple! So, so good. Now we'll just await the pouring of the slab!

I can't leave a blog without posting a new pic of my 'lil Sophie. She's getting chubbier everyday.....I'm loving it. Her little personality is pretty peaceful. At night, she gets a little crabyy, but makes up for it with smiles and contentment during the day! I'm so glad it's SPRING BREAK so I can spend some time with my girls!

Sophie at bath time.....look at those cheeks!

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