Friday, March 27, 2009

Skinny Jeans? How About "Workin' On It" Jeans....

I thought these would be a fad. A passing trend. Like pinch-rolled jeans or double-socks or.....the dreaded "hammer-time" shirts and pants. Ew.

I know I could be blogging about real issues in life. How our economy is in the pits, or job losses, or how I totally forgot to put on deodorant this morning ( I eventually put some on thanks to a friend who has a purse with her entire house in it! Don't "ew" at me borrowing gotta do what you gotta do!) BUT....those issues aren't nearly as fun to discuss. And they put me in an extra-sensitive "don't buy anything we don't really need" mood. That's never fun.

So....skinny jeans it is. I have tried on one pair - before Sophie pregnancy. They didn't look so hot on me......or maybe it was because I didn't have the right shoes or something! But nonetheless. The look didn't work. I felt like I was trying to be 20 again........

But my sister just bought some and said they were "so cute!". Wait. Cute on her and not me? Should I try again?

Then I realized something. I'm not yet able to squeeze into my old jeans - much less jeans that are called 'skinny'. The girth from Sophie has yet to fade. And my constant eating (which I attribute to nursing! Yeah...I'm milking that reason.) isn't helping the girth. My girth - ohhhh......I'll start on that come April 1st. I really will!

So skinny jeans.....not yet. Maybe not ever.
Happy Friday all!


Jenna said...

You are such a great writer! Just look at it this way...your maternity jeans were like "skinny jeans" for me...I couldn't even get one of my legs in there.
Looking forward to our this weekend!

Andi said...

You are to funny!

My personal opinion on those type of jeans is....well I just don't like them. Well that is on me anyway.

Just can't seam to embrace those skinny jeans.

Homemomma said...

Skinny jeans, never! Maybe if I ever get to a size -10

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