Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Signed Up!

Maybe it's all this creating that's been going on at the Ferrell household lately. Maybe it's that Sophie has reached that point where I'm starting to feel a little more freedom...she's not so baby anymore. Maybe after posting so many blogs like this one or this one that deal with me wanting to "create" .

Maybe - and this one is probably the truth - I'm a little more like my mom than I thought. My most cherished memories are of her teaching me at a very young age the art of ceramics from start to finish (with the kiln in our garage!) She always told me, "An artist never messes up...." which I still think about to this day.

Anyway, with the encouragement of my hubs (and probably ease of guilt factor there, since he often is gone on marathon days or trail running ventures!) I've signed up for a one day workshop in February with "Altar'd" painting and refurbishing designs. I'm really excited to learn how to glaze, paint, and restore an old piece of furniture back to life. I probably could have learned myself, but going to a workshop with five other like-minded souls wanting to create.....it just sounds therapeutic. ( Visit their website and read the owner's bio.....her testimony is amazing.)
Even more so, I'm excited to work with my hands again ....
it's been too long.

Showing His Skills Again!

I've always wanted a Harvest Table. But it is hard to find one that's just the right size...not too primitive looking...not too fabricated...but most of all, not too expensive! So lo and behold, my woodworking hubby decided he would make me one for my Christmas present.

He took 4 days and built, sanded, stained, poly'd, sanded, stained, poly'd....you get the picture. I had some antique chairs that matched perfect. And after all that hard work, I think his finished product is beautiful!

Thank you, hubs! I love it!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Ya'll!

For the first time, we didn't get a Christmas card out this year. I might try to do a post-one, but just in case, I snapped a few quick ones of the best presents Boog & I have ever been given.

Merry Christmas All! Sophie (almost 2) and Grace (6)

(Couldn't resist the nose picker one!)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

There's nothing like playing in unfinished cabinetry during the holidays!

We didn't make deadline. My kitchen isn't finished : ( but good news is that it WILL be finished by New Years. It doesn't matter though. These past few months of remodel have taught me a couple of things:
1) Not to ever remodel near the holiday season ever again.
2) It will always take longer than you think (and be more expensive!)
3) Never trust a machete wearing plumber who isn't licensed (duh!)
4) Ladies, start knowing carpentry vocab like shim, caulk, 1x4, 2x4, etc. just so you don't sound like an idiot calling it "that piece of wood thingy" ( like me!)
but mainly.....I have been reminded how blessed we are to be able to do this remodel and all of it is in total vain if:
5) My home is worthless if it doesn't have Jesus being shown and spoken to these little precious girls and anyone else who enters.

Thank you Jesus for sweetness such as this!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And Now...the Sink

Nothing feels better than a productful day. I would say Boog probably feels pretty darn good - hence the two posts in one day! Not only did he install the countertops, but he also installed our sink, too! It was H-U-G-E and H-E-A-V-Y.

I'm just glad I wasn't part of this project!

Still in the Box.

Figuring it all out....
Goin' At It


Man, oh man....... I can see clearly now the rain is gone!

My Hubs Surprises Me....

I mean, I know he has 1,000 hobbies. But woodworking wasn't really something I thought he really knew how to do. He made his mom a beautiful TV armoire once, but when he offered to make our countertops for the sink side, I questioned.

Our bartop will be granite, but we wanted to mix up the countertops. I wanted chopblock, of course, but that was more expensive than granite! Then came Boog. He offered. I sighed deep, but said 'ok'.

Any they're beautiful. Ready to be cut and a sink placed in!

He sanded, stained, poly'd....wash and repeat!

Notice the old chandelier bought at Round Top, Heather?

Cedar countertops - done! Thank you, Boog!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes....

Last year at this time, Boog was still busy with basketball....Sophie was almost one (still very baby)....and just us gals attempted to go see the Land of Lights in our hometown by ourselves. That was......interesting. But it was so much more fun to go as an entire family this year~

Our Trusty Driver

Sophie LOVING The Sunroof View....

My View (holding the tot's legs!)

Entering the Land of Lights....Visit It If You're Ever in Athens!
Blue Christmas!

All in all, a fun Christmas evening!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Real or Fake?

No, I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about these - Christmas trees. This year, due to the result of several moves over the past few years, the Ferrell family has either lost, sold, or given away our beautiful Christmas tree. And due to the fact that our house has been a construction zone, we haven't yet put up a tree.

So to make sure our girls' have some lights to oooh and ahh over, we traveled to Terrell, Texas, to the Walls Family Tree Farm to cut down an a la natural tree. A first for us.

Us in front of the tree Gracie wanted....

Searching for the shedless, allery free kind
(yes, there are some!)
Found it! Cutting it down now....

Being entertained by family pets.....

Grace wants one .....

Sophie Sweetness...

Natural Beauty....

I gotta say, the adventure of picking out a tree, wandering through acres of trees, meeting new, interesting people, and singing Christmas carols *and making a few animal noises for Sophie*, seems to be waayyyy more fun than fanning out plastic branches.
This could become a Ferrell family tradition!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Floors, Paint & More!

They're in! We've officially moved a few pieces of furniture back into the living room. Ahhhh! With the new paint, floors installed, and less dust....things are starting to look up! Good thing, because Boog & I were offically about to have to move out. We just couldn't take it anymore.....

Hard Worker.....Kitchen Still Miles To Go....

Like I said, I'm feeling better about things, but I'm not 100% yet. Talk to me in 2011.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Love is Gone....

It has left the building. No...not the love for my hubs (I'll always love that one!)....maybe a little love is gone from my job (it's Christmas and the kids are w-i-l-d)....but 110% of the love is completely, utterly gone from my remodel crush.

I used to love the idea of "fixing stuff up". But then again, I've never actually lived through a major renovation. I have now....and it is a nagging, endless, time & mind consuming process that should never be done without serious prescription medication. That or no children.

But alas....we have t-minus 7 days until floors are installed and we can officially "move" back into the living room. The kitchen won't be ready until right before Christmas (fingers crossed), but at least we'll get the couch out of my daughter's room. Geez.

Kitchen still a work in progress....

BTW - I spent a small fortune in sample paints. So if you are wanting to paint a room in the shade of cream, golden, or deep brown shade - come see me first.
I probably have something you'd like!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It Almost Never Happens...

I'm never a deal getter. Never. Not on clothes, at least. Now my sister.....she once gave me a precious skirt that she found for $1.99. Yes, that's right. $1.99. And I rocked that skirt out for all it's two buckage.

So the other weekend, after doing some Christmas shopping, I decided that Boog could watch the gals a little while longer while I tried to find some jeans that fit. I had specific wants: Not too long, not too low, hit me right below the ankle where I don't have to roll them up to wear flats. So.....not hard to do, right? We all know that's wrong. It's near impossible!

All the "teeny-bopper" stores well, really.....why don't I just show everyone my underwear and get it over with? Gap....almost. But I didn't love 'em and fretted paying $60 bucks for so-so. Old Navy....forget it. You can't have any thighs at all.

So after tons of stores, me - all ragged and haggardly - not wanting to look in any mirror.....I had one last stop. The Loft. And of course....they were perfect.

And perfectly expensive, too. Almost $70. Now, as a teacher....and a teacher who's funding is going straight to "house re-model/moneysuckingvacuum" .....I cringed at paying that much. But, it had been three hours....and I was done. I shifted into neutral and just glided to the cash register.

Now THIS almost never happens. The lady was ringing me up.....I was pulling out my debit card.....and she said,
"OK...with the extra 30% off sale items...your total is 14.98."
Surely, she was wrong I asked. But she scanned again, and there it was.
I'm still sure she probably got fired for making some huge mistake. But I questioned...she confirmed. I was on cloud nine. It's only taken me a decade of shopping to come across a deal like that. I'm excited to be 43 when it will happen again!

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