Sunday, December 5, 2010

It Almost Never Happens...

I'm never a deal getter. Never. Not on clothes, at least. Now my sister.....she once gave me a precious skirt that she found for $1.99. Yes, that's right. $1.99. And I rocked that skirt out for all it's two buckage.

So the other weekend, after doing some Christmas shopping, I decided that Boog could watch the gals a little while longer while I tried to find some jeans that fit. I had specific wants: Not too long, not too low, hit me right below the ankle where I don't have to roll them up to wear flats. So.....not hard to do, right? We all know that's wrong. It's near impossible!

All the "teeny-bopper" stores well, really.....why don't I just show everyone my underwear and get it over with? Gap....almost. But I didn't love 'em and fretted paying $60 bucks for so-so. Old Navy....forget it. You can't have any thighs at all.

So after tons of stores, me - all ragged and haggardly - not wanting to look in any mirror.....I had one last stop. The Loft. And of course....they were perfect.

And perfectly expensive, too. Almost $70. Now, as a teacher....and a teacher who's funding is going straight to "house re-model/moneysuckingvacuum" .....I cringed at paying that much. But, it had been three hours....and I was done. I shifted into neutral and just glided to the cash register.

Now THIS almost never happens. The lady was ringing me up.....I was pulling out my debit card.....and she said,
"OK...with the extra 30% off sale items...your total is 14.98."
Surely, she was wrong I asked. But she scanned again, and there it was.
I'm still sure she probably got fired for making some huge mistake. But I questioned...she confirmed. I was on cloud nine. It's only taken me a decade of shopping to come across a deal like that. I'm excited to be 43 when it will happen again!


Eastlyn and co. said...

Your shopping escapades sound like mine. My buds always find the swimsuit at Dillards outlet that originally cost $150 but THEY found it for 90% off of the original price. So, I go scurrying over to try my hand at this "bargain shopping" and fine tons of swimsuits but nothing I like and the one that does fit was originally $150 and marked a whopping 10% off or something crazy like that. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the picture! I'm happy for your awesome find.

Valerie H. said...

Flo, you crack me up! You are one brave mad hatter for combining Christmas shopping AND jeans shopping, all in one fell swoop. Way to go! =)

Jenna said...

All I can think shouldn't have gotten 2 or maybe 3 pairs for that price!! I hate shopping for jeans so when I find some I like I stock up!:) Can't wait to see how the remodel is coming!

JMass said...

Too funny, but I feel your excitement! It is soooo nice to find jeans that look good....and are a good price! Way to go!

Keri said...

Ha! I used the term 'teeny-bopper' the other day trying to describe to my mom the shops Bri goes to. Bri laughed at me when I said it.

I feel your pain on jean shopping.

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