Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Hubs Surprises Me....

I mean, I know he has 1,000 hobbies. But woodworking wasn't really something I thought he really knew how to do. He made his mom a beautiful TV armoire once, but when he offered to make our countertops for the sink side, I questioned.

Our bartop will be granite, but we wanted to mix up the countertops. I wanted chopblock, of course, but that was more expensive than granite! Then came Boog. He offered. I sighed deep, but said 'ok'.

Any they're beautiful. Ready to be cut and a sink placed in!

He sanded, stained, poly'd....wash and repeat!

Notice the old chandelier bought at Round Top, Heather?

Cedar countertops - done! Thank you, Boog!


Anonymous said...



The Allens said...

Those counter tops are awesome! You could hire him out!

The Garners said...

Everything is looking soooo pretty! I know you must be feeling better about it all!

Andi said...

that turned out AWESOME!!!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

You are right! That are gaw-gee-us. What a sweet hubby.

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