Monday, December 6, 2010

The Love is Gone....

It has left the building. No...not the love for my hubs (I'll always love that one!)....maybe a little love is gone from my job (it's Christmas and the kids are w-i-l-d)....but 110% of the love is completely, utterly gone from my remodel crush.

I used to love the idea of "fixing stuff up". But then again, I've never actually lived through a major renovation. I have now....and it is a nagging, endless, time & mind consuming process that should never be done without serious prescription medication. That or no children.

But alas....we have t-minus 7 days until floors are installed and we can officially "move" back into the living room. The kitchen won't be ready until right before Christmas (fingers crossed), but at least we'll get the couch out of my daughter's room. Geez.

Kitchen still a work in progress....

BTW - I spent a small fortune in sample paints. So if you are wanting to paint a room in the shade of cream, golden, or deep brown shade - come see me first.
I probably have something you'd like!


The Garners said...

Whew, I would imagine that remodeling (while in the house with kids) would be a major stress. Almost done, and I'm sure it's going to look AWESOME! Hang in there! :)

BeechemBrightSpots said...

so where is the Christmas tree? :) I miss you & wish I could see it in person. You could always go to our house & cook or sleep if you want to get away from the dust. :)

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