Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Signed Up!

Maybe it's all this creating that's been going on at the Ferrell household lately. Maybe it's that Sophie has reached that point where I'm starting to feel a little more freedom...she's not so baby anymore. Maybe after posting so many blogs like this one or this one that deal with me wanting to "create" .

Maybe - and this one is probably the truth - I'm a little more like my mom than I thought. My most cherished memories are of her teaching me at a very young age the art of ceramics from start to finish (with the kiln in our garage!) She always told me, "An artist never messes up...." which I still think about to this day.

Anyway, with the encouragement of my hubs (and probably ease of guilt factor there, since he often is gone on marathon days or trail running ventures!) I've signed up for a one day workshop in February with "Altar'd" painting and refurbishing designs. I'm really excited to learn how to glaze, paint, and restore an old piece of furniture back to life. I probably could have learned myself, but going to a workshop with five other like-minded souls wanting to create.....it just sounds therapeutic. ( Visit their website and read the owner's bio.....her testimony is amazing.)
Even more so, I'm excited to work with my hands again ....
it's been too long.

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