Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And Now...the Sink

Nothing feels better than a productful day. I would say Boog probably feels pretty darn good - hence the two posts in one day! Not only did he install the countertops, but he also installed our sink, too! It was H-U-G-E and H-E-A-V-Y.

I'm just glad I wasn't part of this project!

Still in the Box.

Figuring it all out....
Goin' At It


Man, oh man....... I can see clearly now the rain is gone!


The Garners said...

Looks GREAT!!! Good work!!!

Heather said...

W.O.W!! I'm impressed...Chandelier looks fab.

Brandi Hanes said...

Beautiful! I love how Boog is smiling in every picture you take of him!! The joy on your families face!! Love it :)


Andi said...

Love, Love, Love IT!!!

Keri said...

Progress, sweet progress! :D

Looks amazing!

john said...

Looks great!
I'm jealous.

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