Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dull day = Fun Blog Time!

TAKS - yeeecchhh! Over and done with today! I bounced into my classroom, boxing like Balboa, to the "Rocky" theme song, chanting "Round 3!" (meaning the third and final test for the year). Of course, only one child had actually seen the movie, but it didn't matter. They got the point. Game faces on! I've said it once, I'll say it again - teaching is the strangest career. The parents are your difficult ones, the kids aren't as bad as the news portrays, except for the one kid who you know is going to be the next "Unabomber", the pay is lousy, and the definition of success (in the state's eyes) is dependant upon a 10 year old's decision to perform on that one test day - or not. Thankfully, all my little lovely children worked their hearts out......and I in turn, had the most boring day of watching them do it!

I need a breath of fresh air & relaxy time. What is relaxy time? Snuggle-buggin' with Grace, watching "Top Chef" tonight with my hubby, reading my new Southern Living magazine, and hitting "First Monday" in Canton on Friday (yeah, I'm taking a day off!)

So my fun time I promised? Here it is. I got a little story for ya 'Ags! When I was at Texas A&M, I was part of a social organization called the Diamond Darlings. What's that, you say? Well, it's basically a glorified bat girl for the Texas Aggie baseball team, except they do a few more honorable things like host luncheons, help with the cutie-recruities, and entertain the fans by singing "I'm a little teacup" to fetch a fly ball from the crowds(thankfully, I never did that part!). No, just in case you were wondering, we weren't allowed to date the players - ever - unless....well, if they are really cute, you could....but that's it! I didn't do that either.
So to get to the fun story, part of our job was to occassionally do pre-game entertainment things......and on one such glorious, sunny baseball weather day ( and 25 cent hot dog night, none the less....yeah, a crowd of about 8,000) we had to fill in for what they call the "M&M Race". I was chosen and had to suit up in a gargantuan red M&M outfit, complete with floppy hands, white get the drift. Two other Diamond Darlings were brown and yellow. The objective? Race from the third baseline to midfield, around a cone and back, to see who wins....all of which the audience had little cards and were betting on their favorite color to win.

No biggee, right? Race out there & back. No problem.

Music starts. We go. Things are going good until I notice that as we're rounding the orange cone, I suddenly am in the back of the line. No good! I want to win! So what do I do? I take a flying leap, hurdle really, onto the back of the yellow M&M (one of my really good friends).....I take her down, we crash in midfield, the crowd is...well, I don't quite remember, but I'm sure they were howling....the yellow & brown M&M dash for the baseline, while me....still stuck on the ground in midfield....couldn't get up. My ankle was killing me.....I really couldn't get up! Yellow & Brown then come running back to me from the sides, and hoist me up into the air, carrying me like a pack of certified EMT's.....all while some doofus in the office upstairs decides he wants to play the "M.A.S.H" theme song as they haul me away...into the clutches of the trainers.

To this day, I remember that moment like it was yesterday. What possessed me to fling myself onto Yellow's back? Who knows. Fun stuff though.

OK. I've missed 30 minutes of Top Chef. Gotta Run!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Only children....?

Grace, ready to stomp the grapes in Tuscany

I'm not giving up. I'm not. I know I'm only 31 ....yeesh, still not great at saying that. I know that there are puh-lenty of child rearing years left ahead of me if God so wishes. (To be quite honest, something in me thinks we'll be the 'Father of the Bride' daughter and then, "Surprise! A baby!" about ten years later.) BUT on that note, I do have to remind myself that if God so wishes for Grace to be my one and only child - then so be it. And now, when I mentally prepare for that possibility.... how does that work?

Do I have any "only child" readers out there? If so, I'd love you to de-lurk and give a comment on this subject. Mainly because, I'm really interested in hearing the truth. Are they really "lonely-onlies"? (Geez...the last thing I'd want for Grace is to have a childhood of loneliness. ) Or are you so covered by your parents' adoration, that it makes for a wonderful, filling childhood?

One of my roommates in college was an only child. I wish I had been mature enough to ask her back then about how she enjoyed that sister keeps insisting for me to take her children for a while to experience the whole "multiple children" thing (probably more for a rare experience of solitude & peace for herself!) But what I really want to know.....and I'm gonna get sappy for a only children realize what they are missing by not having a brother or sister?

My sister is my B/F/F. Hated each other in friends ever since. Boog, being the only son, is supremely close to his sisters and learned a ton about how to treat women from them *thank you Marci & Molly!*.

To not have known a friend like that is what I struggle with most when thinking about Grace being an only child. Her....missing out on a bond.

So info needed please. Only children....speak up!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's official...I'm 31.

Grace was WAY more excited than me.

No longer just a newby to my 30's...I'm in now. Not wayyy in, but I am definitely in my thirties. Boog was sweet and planned a small get together at a local restaurant with a few family members & friends. Then we took it back to my house for cake and presents. I, personally, hate gatherings of any kind on my behalf, so I spent much of the night worrying...."Are people enjoying themselves?" ....."Does everyone need to get home?"....."Do they like their food?".....I don't know why I do that. I worry so much that my stomach was in knots after the night was over! But like I said, Boog was sweet after letting him know he never has to do anything like that for me - ever - again, I thanked him for the wonderful Calphalon knives and pots & pans he got me (along with my mother-in-law). And now I pray that 31 takes its sweet time before ushering in 32. I always remember that line from "Pretty in Pink" where her goofy friend says, "Why didn't God make us old and then we grow young?"......that would be fun, wouldn't it?
A necklace from my sweet friend, Andi....
a gift tradition of ours

New pots & I gotta cook!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Karaoke, anyone?

Reviving "Summer Nights" from Grease

So circa 1990's, I know, but when our gals from the T.H.A.T. Sunday School class got together last night for our monthly "Gals Night Out" - the beauty of karaoke came back in full form. We had a much fun, in fact, that "Bohemian Rhapsody" from Queen will now have a small place etched in my heart forever...thanks girls!

Starting the night out with a little pasta & homemade pizza

Bohemian Rhapsody "Queens"!

Look at the doubt in their faces...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"For God is not the author of confusion..."

"....but of peace..." 1 Corinthians 14:33

Loved this verse this morning. Paul....gosh, my hubby and I have gone rounds about Paul...he seems to take 10 sentences to say what I would say in one, but darn it if one of his many soliloquies to that crazy Corinth church didn't speak right to my heart. Not the author of confusion....

Who is the author of confusion? Us. Me. You. We. The world.

Isn't it wonderful that we didn't write our own life book? Mine would be a mess.
Chapter 1: How to survive a cranky older sister
Chapter 2: How to overcome embarrassment of parent's cars
Chapter 3: Boys? Do I like them? Do they like me? Who can I like this week?
Chapter 4: What do I want to be in life?
Chapter 5: I'm in college now....what do I want to be in life?
Chapter 6: Found THE does this marriage thing work?
Chapter 7: I've got a job now....but I don't really want to be this in life.
Chapter 7: A baby? Really? Didn't I just forget to brush my own teeth?
Chapter 8: Finances. Find the leaks & plug 'em - then Drano them. (ie. live debt free!)
Chapter 9: Found what I want to do in how do I do it & maintain sanity?
Chapter 10:..... in progress.....

I love it that in this book that I would have written, there is mass confusion. MASS confusion. Because I've tried it on my own for soooo long. It was the trust issue I was having...and still sometimes have...with the Lord. Why has it taken me this long to trust?? I handed over my career to Him (that story is really neat...I'll have to tell that in another blog).....I handed over my marriage to Him .....why haven't I handed over my dedication, my desire, my soul to Him? It's like I say, everyday...."whoa, God, if I give you that much devotion, dedication, and do I know I'll get what you promise in return?" AARRGGHHH. So frustrating. Would I trust Him if he decides to move my family to Spain or Massachusetts for His ministry - away from my sister? I'm not sure...I'd be kicking all the way.

All these ramblings aside......

What would your chapters be?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle again....

My highschool girlfriends at our 10 year reunion a few years ago

Hiatus,'s a drug. Didn't I mention back on my "Curbed Addictions" blog that I am very much addicted to blogging? I think I did. Funny....if you'd of told me one year ago that I'd be addicted to this, I'd be like "puhl-leaseeee!"

So. Not pregnant. Not yet. Not done with TAKS. Not yet. But I have been doing something that I haven't done in quite a while - reconnecting with my highschool girlfriends. I've kept up with a few, but not, moving, children.....that life thing kind of takes its toll on highschool friendship. But it shouldn't....besides any group of girls that can stay friends from 6th grade all through their highschool years....through the drama, through the chaos, through the hormones, through the boyfriends (girls, why did we ever get them?).....I think deserves a pat on the back.

So we have decided to start getting together once a year starting this September. A little class of 1995 gals reunion! What a better way to celebrate than with a night away from our family and with each other? Besides, they are the only ones who remember me when I had braces with a palate expander in my mouth that left a huge gap between my front teeth and made me look extra beautiful...yes, they did. Didn't I say they were great girlfriends?

I'm already praying for Grace to have a group of girls like I had growing up.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Done.

I was perusing the Wal-Mart isle this Friday afternoon and ran by a center-aisle stand saying, "Pregnancy Tests - $3.50". That was too cheap to pass up, so I did....and darned it if the little thing convinced me to go ahead and take a test. I already knew the answer. My body knew the answer. Negative.

Soooooo before any comments or "I'm sorry's" - know this. I'm okay with this result. Something miraculous actually came out of this whole "Public Preggo Blog" thing......I realized that I need to just be concentrating on the beautiful one I have. I read all my last 7 posts and wow.....a whole lot of wasted time and thought were placed on this one event that wasn't even mine to decide! SO.....Grace is just the best thing ever (aside from Boog)....and I truly am thankful for God's blessing....and timing. I'll wait on Him.

I'll probably take a little hiatus from blogging for a while, so I'll leave you with this finished product! Remember the kennel my husband was building? Can you guess which one is the kennel in this picture of our backyard?

Which one?

Yep, the big 'ol honker with its own insurance policy

Boog did it all for this guy!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day #7

Short & Sweet today. Preggo/No Preggo update: I feel a bit bloated and large in the tummy area...but that could just be normal "girly" stuff. My gums were bleeding yesterday, but that could just be the onset of gingivitis. The weekend is here & I might think about buying a test. We'll see....

Other than that, for some odd reason, Bitty Baby has truly become my second child. Now Grace, instead of calling Bitty her baby, she refers to Bitty as my baby and her sister. Bitty even had to sleep in my bedroom the other night because she "cries too much at night" according to Grace. .

Here's Bitty & a friend this time, sick again...(notice the blanket around Bitty's shoulders.) Grace told me she was 'still sick'.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day #6

My their diapers!

(Preggo update) I can't explain why I don't just take a test....maybe I don't want the disappointment yet. Maybe I need the blogging ideas....maybe I'm a wee bit scared about the possibility of another little one? We are so comfortable and in a great place with the one we have. It's a bit scary to think of going back to square one again. But I know..... all you mothers of more than one...I know. I know how strong God made us....... Monday is the day.

So a sweet highschool friend remarked through bloggerville about how hard it must be to teach all day and then go home and give Grace 100%. I thought about that for a while. Gosh, how do we do working moms? But then, and I don't know if any of you have this reason, I immediately knew why I do it. Part of it is I love teaching....but really? Do you really want to know what makes me happy about working? The people I work with. My principal. I couldn't rave more......they are THE greatest co-workers.....funny, thoughtful, helpful, name it. And my principal? Huge heart for his kids, huge heart for his staff. He literally is the glue that holds our little teaching world together. I really don't see how working moms could leave their little ones and go to a place that wasn't less than wonderful.

So today, we had a baby shower for one of my teammates in our school library. How cute was everything? The cake....(Riggs, is the baby boy's name)....and food....the games....oh yeah, so much laughing!

My fourth grade team

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day #5

Halfway there! I really am going to take a test on Day 10 and share the news right then and there (wellll, not exactly right then....I'd have to make a few phone calls first if the result was Baby On the Way!)........or I could possibly already know the news by then with the "visitor that nobody likes." Either way.....I know you're all on pins & needles. (Like there's anything else to think about!)

A few tidbits:
*I'm extra tired today. I had an afterschool tutoring session.....TAKS is less than two weeks away and we're all so ready for it to be over with!
*I'm still smiling about when, in children's church, all the kids were asked to bring money for the offering the next week. To which, my dear daughter raised her hand and said, "My momma doesn't give me money - I have to earn it." Love it!
*Next month is mine & Boog's 6 year anniversary followed by my daugther's 4th birthday. How is it that those years can fly by? How can I sanely plan something for those 2 events PLUS handle TAKS?

And's my acronym for TAKS: Test Anxiety for Kids while teachers lose their Sanity. That works, doesn't it?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day soon as the words came out of my fingers...

(Update - still not sure about the preggo /no preggo situation. No signs today. And I can probably speak for signs. And the next day...)

But as soon as my fingers spake the darn "notgotitalltogether" list...guess what happens? I locked my keys in the car. (See yesterday's post, item #5). YES...I so did. And I really should learn to listen to that inner voice because I clearly remember it speaking to me, saying "double check". But what did I do? Closed the door. Wow.....isn't that an analogy for something?

I did go home and try to make peace with the day. I brought out an old recipe (from my old highschool boyfriend's mother, of all places). I call them "Man Enchiladas" because they really are nothing but chicken, cheese, sauce and the tortilla....but they are really good! Men really seem to like don't even have to dice onions!

Man Enchiladas....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day #3

I'm 99.99999999987% chance sure that I'm not preggo. I just feel too normal. Still, I never felt anything with the last pregnancy. Just a positive test that told me I that's why I left that 0.0000000013% of a chance in there.

On a side note, it seems lately I've been hearing the phrase "got it all together" a lot. In Sunday School, in church, from other women.....referring to how church isn't supposed to be full of people who look like they've "got it all together". And even how women, being ever concerned that they aren't living up to standard, compare themselves to other women and ask, "How does she do it? How does she have three kids, a job, a clean house, a husband who adores her, freshly baked cookies, and mint on the pillows at night?...." yada yada yada.

It IS true. I do that....sometimes. I compare. But then - I think now I've hit 30, the truth presents itself. Ain't no one got it all together all of the time. (Excuse me for the grammar.)There are SOME times when I do have it all together....and that lasts about one day. But for that one day, I feel on top of the house is clean, I've remembered someone's birthday, I've cooked a good meal, read to my daughter, laundry is somewhat managed......these days are rare. But they do happen. However, they are usually followed with those rag-a-muffin days where my toes are unpainted, my clothes didn't get ironed, I'm short on patience with my kids, I'm only on Day 2 of my weekly bible study, my husband's complaining because he doesn't have any clean white socks, and I've forgotten to let the chicken thaw...again.

So here's my short - but fun - list on how I SO don't have it all together. Maybe you'll share yours and we can have good laughs.

My not "gotitalltogether" self....
1. sometimes drinks milk out of the jug because I'm just toooo lazy to pour it into a cup.
2. chooses what clothes to wear based on whether they have to be ironed or not
3. loves to read People magazine online ( I mean really....what is that doing for His Kingdom? Zilch)
4. forgets the names of people I've met literally 100 times......there's a spot in my brain that just does NOT work right!
5. loses or locks my keys in my car at least once a month
6. zones out during some sermons (none of yours Nathan ; ) ) and I start reading the interesting parts of Revelation or James (my hubby elbows me in the side when I do this)
7. still gets a little embarrassed when I mention I drive a Subaru station wagon. I mean, who really wants to drive a station wagon? Not I said the pig.
8. has realized that she is a selfish person......and all the thoughtful things I'd love to do are a direct affront to that selfish's a constant battle.
9. and finally....many more things could be added to this list....but I'll leave you with this last one....this "notgotitalltogether" woman will probably go blind one day because I am too lazy to take my contacts out at night. I sleep in them for weeks - months - at a time.

So there. Want some of that?
Happy week everyone.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day #2

Woke up sickness. In fact, other than the massive broken capillaries around my eyes from the previous day of the 'heaves, I was feeling relatively normal. (if you consider heaping on the concealer around my eyes normal).

So....I'm beginning to feel like yesterday was a fluke. No morning sickness, just a morning bug. But still...this makes for good blogging ideas, so I'll stick with the countdown!

On a fun note, I did get to spend a few hours of this beautiful Saturday shopping. I visited Victoria's Secret and bought my favorite "Body" panties....and a cute swim-suit cover up for our beach vacation this summer (Destin....w/my sister's family). And then I went to my ultimate favorite store - Ann Taylor Loft. Have you ever had a store that just was meant for you? Where everything you try on seems like it was taylor-made....The Loft is that store for me. Everything I try on fits perfect....whereas in some places (Target and Old Navy) it truly is "try on and cross your fingers"..... The Loft did go through a phase where it went more "business" and I didn't like that too much. But now, they've gone back to the sweet numbers......cute casual tops and bottoms... cotton dresses..... definitely more my style.

Well, that's really all for today. I'll continue with the countdown....

Friday, April 11, 2008

I don't usually share this much info....

...but I think this time I will. This morning, I awoke with nausea....dizziness....the works. I skipped the make-up, skipped the hair process, got dressed and drove to work. (I looked wonderful!) I pulled over at a church, an office, and a railroad track to dry-heave into the road which, a new occurrence for me, left me with broken capillaries all around my eyes. I looked like I had just gotten into a fight .....and I wasn't on the winning side.

I made it through the first few hours of school, with some of my more studious students taking over for me (all right, all right....I let my "A" kids play teacher. They thought they were big stuff.) And miraculously, by 11ish, all symptoms were gone.

Morning sickness? That's what everyone was guessing.

But so early? It's still more than a week for me to be able to officially tell. So instead of keeping this to myself, as I usually do, I thought I'd let you all in on the countdown. This is day #1 of 10. So in ten days, check back here....and we'll see if there's #2 on they way - or if I just had a random stomach bug that did me in! Isn't that fun?

BTW....for all you moms of little ones, my sister mentioned to me that 4 was such a great age. Grace is a few weeks away, although really, she always acted a little older than her real age.....anyhoo, I must admit 4 looks like it will be great. She is such a little fun person to be around! She has a sense of humor and can carry on great, entertaining conversations....the whining isn't so often anymore....she "gets" things.....for example, I told her the other night that she was going to have to get up extra early the next day (around 6am) and to be prepared. And guess what? She remembered and got up pretty easy without a fuss.......lovin' 4!

My cutie-patootie ...almost 4

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For the Love of the Dog.

Meet Mr. Commercial Concrete Mixer

My backyard has been turned into hard hat, construction zone.

If anyone knows my husband, you know that 1)he gets crazy, hair-brained ideas and 2) he'll carry out those ideas.....with excellence. Not one to do anything halfway, when our little puppy turned into a very active young teenage pup, Boog said it was time to build him a kennel. And build he did.

The steps to building a kennel "Boog" style:
a. Bring in the hired gun - a commercial concrete mixer....(and thanking the Lord he didn't try to mix it himself, which was his original plan.)

b. Tear down two fences (one wooden, one wire) to get the darn thing in our backyard.

c. Send wife to TSC 3 different times to get more concrete mix to make a total of 49 bags of which mighty Flo loaded eight 60 lb. bags into the truck herself!

Are we building the Taj Mahal of dog kennels? No....I just simply realized why houses cost so much....the slab! It's partially done with much thanks to Mark Ferrell Sr. who lended his experience in pouring concrete.

Mark Sr. getting down & dirty

One of two torn down fences

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The perfect day - and place - for a wedding!

The day - Saturday. Beautiful, sunny, not too cold, not too warm, not a cloud in the sky.

The place - the 7F lodge (pictured above) A couples retreat featured in Southern Living, located in Wellborn, Texas (10 minutes outside of Aggieland). It is the best place to go for rejuvenation of the soul. It's motto "Love Saves Lives" is lived out in every one of their cottages. You can stay in Spain, France, Mexico or any other of their 7 dream cottages. Boog & I go there at least once a year....or try to. No tv, no neighbors, nothing but solitude with your honey. Every detail is thought of....right down to the way your toilet paper is stored! You can have weddings there,too, and get married at this precious little outdoor chapel.....which leads me to this....

The event. My college friend's wedding. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and we were Aggie Diamond Darlings together. Her wedding was beautiful! I've always said there are perks to getting married a little later, because by that age, you know your tastes so the wedding really reflects you as an individual. Hers did....the beautiful flowers, the cake, and the gorgeous green & brown that were her wedding colors.

Her beautiful cake

The wedding party ( I love the green dresses!)

The bride & my other roommate from college ....the ABSOLUTE two funniest individuals on the face of this planet! (They both are also 6 ft tall, so I look wayyy short!)

The reception area

My college roommate, Erin & her fiance

We couldn't resist taking a picture at this beautiful event!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 Love Languages...ever read it?

Has anyone read this book? While going through pre-marital counseling six years ago (wow.. time flies), our then-pastor gave Boog & I this book to read to do some preparing for our upcoming marriage. We thumbed through it, of course, but....naturally ..... we were on the cusp of an awesome marriage! It would be a piece of cake. Right? Who needed a book?

Fast forward one year, and I think we ended up pulling this dusty book off the shelf again to re-read.....for real this time. Tearfully knowing we weren't exactly the best at communicating our wants and needs, we took our pastor's book suggestion seriously this time. This book's message was simple and clear. There are five basic love languages that men and women use to communicate (words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch) and the deal is....usually...we 'speak' the language of love that we want to be loved by. The problem arises when we 'speak' our language to our wife/husband....yet, it's not their love language.

This helped Boog and I tremendously because, since his love language was 'physical touch' and 'words of affirmation'......and mine was 'acts of service' and 'quality time'.....we weren't speaking each other's language. And wow...once we realized that, we started noticing areas where we could speak each other's language and it's been a piece of cake since! ......ok....not really, but I do think we have gotten way better at communicating over the years.

Whatever the case, we still talk about it 6 years after reading it, so it must be something good. I highly recommend it - if anything, it might help you get to know your husband better! I had no idea my husband was like a puppy.....he just wants to be praised and loved on! And me? Save the words....I'll take him helping me unload the dishwasher. I'll sing his praises for days!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April = more 'thirties'

April is a beautiful month to have a dear friend's daughter will have her very first birthday this month, my mother-in-law will celebrate hers, my brother-in-law, Andi's son, wow...the list goes on. And then there's me. I will enter more into my thirties this month.

I look back on my twenties ...yep, I was glad to see them go. All the confusion....the "big lifechanging events"....that's stress! Well, I'd take the great skin back, but other than that, seeing their tail lights was refreshing. I've got my career settled now, I've somewhat come to realize who I am (and who I am not), what I can do and what I won't do, I can make decisions without having to consult 3 people first, I'm fiscally responsible, I'm stepping into the role of mentor as opposed to a mentoree in many areas..... all in all? Not so shabby.

But now I see the headlights of middle-30's and 40's slowly approaching -EEEKK! Numerous things run through my mind. Will I start to gain weight / lose muscle? Will my hair thin out? How old will I be when I'm carrying baby #2? What about these wrinkles that keep popping up? If they look bad now, how will 40 be? Will I ever lose my mind and start wearing 'mom' jeans? (never!) Would someone tell me to stop if I did? When do I stop secretly watching "The Hills"? And finally - gasp! - will I ever get used to college students calling me ma'am? (don't ask...this was a tragic day in Aggieland on a recent visit).

I eased my mind by researching some the lovely ladies out there who happen to be my age (almost 31!). Let me share that list:

Sarah Michelle Gellar....turning 31 this month.

Keri Russell....already 31

Who says 30 year olds can't shake it? Shakira...turning 31

Now....I know. I don't know if these gals love the Lord or even if they have any kind of morals whatsoever. But they're hip and 30ish. And that's one lowly, unprofitable goal I have...until I die. Hip and 30! Hip and 40. Hip and 50......Hip and 100. So...if you ever see me buying 'mom' jeans...please remind me of this blog.

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