Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day #2

Woke up sickness. In fact, other than the massive broken capillaries around my eyes from the previous day of the 'heaves, I was feeling relatively normal. (if you consider heaping on the concealer around my eyes normal).

So....I'm beginning to feel like yesterday was a fluke. No morning sickness, just a morning bug. But still...this makes for good blogging ideas, so I'll stick with the countdown!

On a fun note, I did get to spend a few hours of this beautiful Saturday shopping. I visited Victoria's Secret and bought my favorite "Body" panties....and a cute swim-suit cover up for our beach vacation this summer (Destin....w/my sister's family). And then I went to my ultimate favorite store - Ann Taylor Loft. Have you ever had a store that just was meant for you? Where everything you try on seems like it was taylor-made....The Loft is that store for me. Everything I try on fits perfect....whereas in some places (Target and Old Navy) it truly is "try on and cross your fingers"..... The Loft did go through a phase where it went more "business" and I didn't like that too much. But now, they've gone back to the sweet numbers......cute casual tops and bottoms... cotton dresses..... definitely more my style.

Well, that's really all for today. I'll continue with the countdown....


The Garners said...

I love Ann Taylor Loft!!!

Heather said...

Did you have some time away for a shopping trip to Ty? We went to a family reunion this weekend in Texarkana..yippee!!

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