Monday, April 14, 2008

Day soon as the words came out of my fingers...

(Update - still not sure about the preggo /no preggo situation. No signs today. And I can probably speak for signs. And the next day...)

But as soon as my fingers spake the darn "notgotitalltogether" list...guess what happens? I locked my keys in the car. (See yesterday's post, item #5). YES...I so did. And I really should learn to listen to that inner voice because I clearly remember it speaking to me, saying "double check". But what did I do? Closed the door. Wow.....isn't that an analogy for something?

I did go home and try to make peace with the day. I brought out an old recipe (from my old highschool boyfriend's mother, of all places). I call them "Man Enchiladas" because they really are nothing but chicken, cheese, sauce and the tortilla....but they are really good! Men really seem to like don't even have to dice onions!

Man Enchiladas....


Kelly said...

Those look SO good. And if it makes you feel any better....TWICE in the last 2 months - I have gone into a store and come out only to find I left my keys in my car and the car running....the WHOLE time I was in the store. How someone didn't just steal the free car is a wonder to me????

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