Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day #5

Halfway there! I really am going to take a test on Day 10 and share the news right then and there (wellll, not exactly right then....I'd have to make a few phone calls first if the result was Baby On the Way!)........or I could possibly already know the news by then with the "visitor that nobody likes." Either way.....I know you're all on pins & needles. (Like there's anything else to think about!)

A few tidbits:
*I'm extra tired today. I had an afterschool tutoring session.....TAKS is less than two weeks away and we're all so ready for it to be over with!
*I'm still smiling about when, in children's church, all the kids were asked to bring money for the offering the next week. To which, my dear daughter raised her hand and said, "My momma doesn't give me money - I have to earn it." Love it!
*Next month is mine & Boog's 6 year anniversary followed by my daugther's 4th birthday. How is it that those years can fly by? How can I sanely plan something for those 2 events PLUS handle TAKS?

And finally....here's my acronym for TAKS: Test Anxiety for Kids while teachers lose their Sanity. That works, doesn't it?


The Lorick Family said...

I love it!! I have totally lost my sanity...I just hope they all pass because I am not sure I can teach them how to simplify fractions one more time. You know they do make tests that work early!:)

Keri said...

First Response: 5 days earlier!

Heather said...

Flo, I'm really thinking about ya..I know how stressful this time of year is. You are a trooper. I can't imagine being a "mom" all day to your precious class and then coming home to sweet Grace and needing to give her 100%.
Can't wait to hear the news on baby #2.

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