Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Done.

I was perusing the Wal-Mart isle this Friday afternoon and ran by a center-aisle stand saying, "Pregnancy Tests - $3.50". That was too cheap to pass up, so I did....and darned it if the little thing convinced me to go ahead and take a test. I already knew the answer. My body knew the answer. Negative.

Soooooo before any comments or "I'm sorry's" - know this. I'm okay with this result. Something miraculous actually came out of this whole "Public Preggo Blog" thing......I realized that I need to just be concentrating on the beautiful one I have. I read all my last 7 posts and wow.....a whole lot of wasted time and thought were placed on this one event that wasn't even mine to decide! SO.....Grace is just the best thing ever (aside from Boog)....and I truly am thankful for God's blessing....and timing. I'll wait on Him.

I'll probably take a little hiatus from blogging for a while, so I'll leave you with this finished product! Remember the kennel my husband was building? Can you guess which one is the kennel in this picture of our backyard?

Which one?

Yep, the big 'ol honker with its own insurance policy

Boog did it all for this guy!


Juli said...

Isn't it amazing how we can find peace in sorrow like that? My heart aches for you, as I know you were really hopeful this month, but I'm still praying. Remember, Grace came from that one specific egg that God decided would be her. Your next little miracle is waiting for his or her perfect time!

A is for Angela said...

sorry! I know you're not taking this too hard, though.

You'll give me another niece one day soon--I know it!

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