Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April = more 'thirties'

April is a beautiful month to have a birthday...my dear friend's daughter will have her very first birthday this month, my mother-in-law will celebrate hers, my brother-in-law, Andi's son, wow...the list goes on. And then there's me. I will enter more into my thirties this month.

I look back on my twenties ...yep, I was glad to see them go. All the confusion....the "big lifechanging events"....that's stress! Well, I'd take the great skin back, but other than that, seeing their tail lights was refreshing. I've got my career settled now, I've somewhat come to realize who I am (and who I am not), what I can do and what I won't do, I can make decisions without having to consult 3 people first, I'm fiscally responsible, I'm stepping into the role of mentor as opposed to a mentoree in many areas..... all in all? Not so shabby.

But now I see the headlights of middle-30's and 40's slowly approaching -EEEKK! Numerous things run through my mind. Will I start to gain weight / lose muscle? Will my hair thin out? How old will I be when I'm carrying baby #2? What about these wrinkles that keep popping up? If they look bad now, how will 40 be? Will I ever lose my mind and start wearing 'mom' jeans? (never!) Would someone tell me to stop if I did? When do I stop secretly watching "The Hills"? And finally - gasp! - will I ever get used to college students calling me ma'am? (don't ask...this was a tragic day in Aggieland on a recent visit).

I eased my mind by researching some the lovely ladies out there who happen to be my age (almost 31!). Let me share that list:

Sarah Michelle Gellar....turning 31 this month.

Keri Russell....already 31

Who says 30 year olds can't shake it? Shakira...turning 31

Now....I know. I don't know if these gals love the Lord or even if they have any kind of morals whatsoever. But they're hip and 30ish. And that's one lowly, unprofitable goal I have...until I die. Hip and 30! Hip and 40. Hip and 50......Hip and 100. So...if you ever see me buying 'mom' jeans...please remind me of this blog.


BrotherBoog said...

Hey Babe!

Yeah can't wait for those 20's memories to be just that...wait a minute...there were good things other than stress that happened back then...hint-hint! Love ya.

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