Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 Love Languages...ever read it?

Has anyone read this book? While going through pre-marital counseling six years ago (wow.. time flies), our then-pastor gave Boog & I this book to read to do some preparing for our upcoming marriage. We thumbed through it, of course, but....naturally ..... we were on the cusp of an awesome marriage! It would be a piece of cake. Right? Who needed a book?

Fast forward one year, and I think we ended up pulling this dusty book off the shelf again to re-read.....for real this time. Tearfully knowing we weren't exactly the best at communicating our wants and needs, we took our pastor's book suggestion seriously this time. This book's message was simple and clear. There are five basic love languages that men and women use to communicate (words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch) and the deal is....usually...we 'speak' the language of love that we want to be loved by. The problem arises when we 'speak' our language to our wife/husband....yet, it's not their love language.

This helped Boog and I tremendously because, since his love language was 'physical touch' and 'words of affirmation'......and mine was 'acts of service' and 'quality time'.....we weren't speaking each other's language. And wow...once we realized that, we started noticing areas where we could speak each other's language and it's been a piece of cake since! ......ok....not really, but I do think we have gotten way better at communicating over the years.

Whatever the case, we still talk about it 6 years after reading it, so it must be something good. I highly recommend it - if anything, it might help you get to know your husband better! I had no idea my husband was like a puppy.....he just wants to be praised and loved on! And me? Save the words....I'll take him helping me unload the dishwasher. I'll sing his praises for days!

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