Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For the Love of the Dog.

Meet Mr. Commercial Concrete Mixer

My backyard has been turned into hard hat, construction zone.

If anyone knows my husband, you know that 1)he gets crazy, hair-brained ideas and 2) he'll carry out those ideas.....with excellence. Not one to do anything halfway, when our little puppy turned into a very active young teenage pup, Boog said it was time to build him a kennel. And build he did.

The steps to building a kennel "Boog" style:
a. Bring in the hired gun - a commercial concrete mixer....(and thanking the Lord he didn't try to mix it himself, which was his original plan.)

b. Tear down two fences (one wooden, one wire) to get the darn thing in our backyard.

c. Send wife to TSC 3 different times to get more concrete mix to make a total of 49 bags of concrete......to which mighty Flo loaded eight 60 lb. bags into the truck herself!

Are we building the Taj Mahal of dog kennels? No....I just simply realized why houses cost so much....the slab! It's partially done with much thanks to Mark Ferrell Sr. who lended his experience in pouring concrete.

Mark Sr. getting down & dirty

One of two torn down fences


The Garners said...

What a project! Your back yard is so pretty and green already! And it looks like you have big trees...a great home for your sweet dog!

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