Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day #3

I'm 99.99999999987% chance sure that I'm not preggo. I just feel too normal. Still, I never felt anything with the last pregnancy. Just a positive test that told me I that's why I left that 0.0000000013% of a chance in there.

On a side note, it seems lately I've been hearing the phrase "got it all together" a lot. In Sunday School, in church, from other women.....referring to how church isn't supposed to be full of people who look like they've "got it all together". And even how women, being ever concerned that they aren't living up to standard, compare themselves to other women and ask, "How does she do it? How does she have three kids, a job, a clean house, a husband who adores her, freshly baked cookies, and mint on the pillows at night?...." yada yada yada.

It IS true. I do that....sometimes. I compare. But then - I think now I've hit 30, the truth presents itself. Ain't no one got it all together all of the time. (Excuse me for the grammar.)There are SOME times when I do have it all together....and that lasts about one day. But for that one day, I feel on top of the house is clean, I've remembered someone's birthday, I've cooked a good meal, read to my daughter, laundry is somewhat managed......these days are rare. But they do happen. However, they are usually followed with those rag-a-muffin days where my toes are unpainted, my clothes didn't get ironed, I'm short on patience with my kids, I'm only on Day 2 of my weekly bible study, my husband's complaining because he doesn't have any clean white socks, and I've forgotten to let the chicken thaw...again.

So here's my short - but fun - list on how I SO don't have it all together. Maybe you'll share yours and we can have good laughs.

My not "gotitalltogether" self....
1. sometimes drinks milk out of the jug because I'm just toooo lazy to pour it into a cup.
2. chooses what clothes to wear based on whether they have to be ironed or not
3. loves to read People magazine online ( I mean really....what is that doing for His Kingdom? Zilch)
4. forgets the names of people I've met literally 100 times......there's a spot in my brain that just does NOT work right!
5. loses or locks my keys in my car at least once a month
6. zones out during some sermons (none of yours Nathan ; ) ) and I start reading the interesting parts of Revelation or James (my hubby elbows me in the side when I do this)
7. still gets a little embarrassed when I mention I drive a Subaru station wagon. I mean, who really wants to drive a station wagon? Not I said the pig.
8. has realized that she is a selfish person......and all the thoughtful things I'd love to do are a direct affront to that selfish's a constant battle.
9. and finally....many more things could be added to this list....but I'll leave you with this last one....this "notgotitalltogether" woman will probably go blind one day because I am too lazy to take my contacts out at night. I sleep in them for weeks - months - at a time.

So there. Want some of that?
Happy week everyone.


Nathan said...

I guess I will just have to preach out of James or Revelation....BTW I can surely come up with my own list!!!

The Garners said...

What a fun post! I might play this tomorrow on my blog!

P.S. about your comment on my blog about the movie Leatherheads, it's rated PG-13. Some language here and there was my only complaint at all with it.

Kelly said...

I hope you ARE pregnant - those last couple of days of waiting to find out are the worst, aren't they?
I like to think I have it together but if people only knew all the crazy things I do. Scott could tell everyone very quickly that i'm a mess!!!

Andi said...

You are to funny! But your list is no where near as bad as mine would be. Have a great week! And it still could be baby #2 on the way!!

Heather said...

Love this post...just keepin it real!! :) I'll play on our blog too.

marci peach said...

Okay that was pretty hilarious. I am glad to know that we are a sisterhood of women who do not have it all together. I am praying that # 2 is on the way and glad that I read your blog...or I wouldn't have known to pray extra hard.

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