Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dull day = Fun Blog Time!

TAKS - yeeecchhh! Over and done with today! I bounced into my classroom, boxing like Balboa, to the "Rocky" theme song, chanting "Round 3!" (meaning the third and final test for the year). Of course, only one child had actually seen the movie, but it didn't matter. They got the point. Game faces on! I've said it once, I'll say it again - teaching is the strangest career. The parents are your difficult ones, the kids aren't as bad as the news portrays, except for the one kid who you know is going to be the next "Unabomber", the pay is lousy, and the definition of success (in the state's eyes) is dependant upon a 10 year old's decision to perform on that one test day - or not. Thankfully, all my little lovely children worked their hearts out......and I in turn, had the most boring day of watching them do it!

I need a breath of fresh air & relaxy time. What is relaxy time? Snuggle-buggin' with Grace, watching "Top Chef" tonight with my hubby, reading my new Southern Living magazine, and hitting "First Monday" in Canton on Friday (yeah, I'm taking a day off!)

So my fun time I promised? Here it is. I got a little story for ya 'Ags! When I was at Texas A&M, I was part of a social organization called the Diamond Darlings. What's that, you say? Well, it's basically a glorified bat girl for the Texas Aggie baseball team, except they do a few more honorable things like host luncheons, help with the cutie-recruities, and entertain the fans by singing "I'm a little teacup" to fetch a fly ball from the crowds(thankfully, I never did that part!). No, just in case you were wondering, we weren't allowed to date the players - ever - unless....well, if they are really cute, you could....but that's it! I didn't do that either.
So to get to the fun story, part of our job was to occassionally do pre-game entertainment things......and on one such glorious, sunny baseball weather day ( and 25 cent hot dog night, none the less....yeah, a crowd of about 8,000) we had to fill in for what they call the "M&M Race". I was chosen and had to suit up in a gargantuan red M&M outfit, complete with floppy hands, white get the drift. Two other Diamond Darlings were brown and yellow. The objective? Race from the third baseline to midfield, around a cone and back, to see who wins....all of which the audience had little cards and were betting on their favorite color to win.

No biggee, right? Race out there & back. No problem.

Music starts. We go. Things are going good until I notice that as we're rounding the orange cone, I suddenly am in the back of the line. No good! I want to win! So what do I do? I take a flying leap, hurdle really, onto the back of the yellow M&M (one of my really good friends).....I take her down, we crash in midfield, the crowd is...well, I don't quite remember, but I'm sure they were howling....the yellow & brown M&M dash for the baseline, while me....still stuck on the ground in midfield....couldn't get up. My ankle was killing me.....I really couldn't get up! Yellow & Brown then come running back to me from the sides, and hoist me up into the air, carrying me like a pack of certified EMT's.....all while some doofus in the office upstairs decides he wants to play the "M.A.S.H" theme song as they haul me away...into the clutches of the trainers.

To this day, I remember that moment like it was yesterday. What possessed me to fling myself onto Yellow's back? Who knows. Fun stuff though.

OK. I've missed 30 minutes of Top Chef. Gotta Run!


Keri said...

Ok, I would like to see a picture of this. Wish I could have been there to see it in person.

The Garners said...

What a funny story! This made me laugh!

Enjoy your day off Monday! I'm going to come to Canton sometime with Heather--maybe this summer!?!?

Andi said...

You are such a mess! By the way what do you mean NO? HaHa

By the way that cell phone of yours better be on at all times from now on do you here me?

Heather said...

YEAH...TAKS is over!! How do you think the kids did? I'm laughing at the sight of you jumping on the other girls back.

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