Friday, May 2, 2008

Mr. Tornado and the Angry Husband

"It'll be a beautiful day to go to First Monday...."

I think that was what I told my teacher friends the day before I took off work to head to Canton's Famous First Monday. So wrong.

Before I left, I did look at the radar. A small line of thunderstorms, but they were thin. I figured I would either miss it, or maybe drive through a little bit of storm. I pressed storm was going to stop my morning!

I pull up....about to pay the $5 parking fee....I could tell the skies were darkening - still not scared. The car ahead of me is paying....the man collecting the money looks up at the sky, the wind suddenly starts to gush - still not scared. The man collecting the money suddenly has to grab hold of the steel bar next to him in order to stand vertical - still not scared. The wind is rocking my own car - still not scared. I look to my left and see the tall, narrow funnel cloud about 20 yards away - a little scared now. I see the funnel cloud pass by and then disappear, the wind is very strong - a little more scared. I whip my little car around and as I'm approaching the road, I see where about 30 yards away two vehicles were overturned by that tall, narrow funnel cloud - more curious than scared now. First Monday's outdoor booths were demolished, stuff was strewn everywhere, the rain is really coming down now.......and all stops. The storm passes.....the sun comes out...the world continues and First Monday is back in action.

Amazing. I didn't have my cell phone (I know, I know! I hate those things!) and since the little, tiny funnel barely did any damage, I figured....."I'll just quickly get what I need and get back". Little did I know that the whole world was reporting TWISTER HITS CANTON - CARS OVERTURNED! One hour later, I see a VERY mad husband walking towards me amongst the throngs of shoppers...his eyes were like daggers, his brow furrowed. I got the lecture of my life....which went something like, "I am very disappointed in you young lady! Why didn't you call?" (eerie flashback to highschool days).

Canton was great though. I got a nice pot rack to hang my Calphalon pans and even scored this....for $1.24 (no, this was a random sale...there's not another one!). It'll come in nicely for Grace's 4th birthday party tomorrow! Now, I just gotta work on making my hubby's furrowed brow go away.


Keri said...

I sat and watched the news as it happened and prayed for your safety.

Missed ya'll tonight.

Juli said...

ACK!!!!! How scary! For you AND Boog! I'm glad you are home, safe and sound now. {{{{{{{{{Flo}}}}}}}

Heather said...

I was worried about you and prayed for your safety too. J called to check on us after hearing Tyler on the national news and I told her about the tornado and you being in Canton. So glad you are home safe and sound!!

The Garners said...

Oh wow--how crazy! What we won't go through for some good shopping! :) I'm glad you're okay. I can imagine your husband being a little worried though! :)

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