Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What would it be?......

Do you know this gal? At the time this picture was taken, she was on Survivor....but now you probably recognize her as Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View. Now, I neither watch The View (too much talky,talky) nor do I watch Survivor (or much TV at all......I tried to watch something tonight and got so frustrated at the commercial interruptions that I just shut the thing off completely. Why waste my thumb's precious time flipping/muting/etc....)

But when she was on Survivor many moons ago, I did watch a few episodes. The series was in its conception and I think everyone was hooked....I mean, didn't we all enjoy watching them starve and live off of insects and worms? Anyhoo, I read an article recently that said each castmate could have one "luxury item" that they could take with them to the island...no questions asked. And hers? I thought this odd.....but it was a braided head-dressing that she made herself for goodluck. Weird.

So I wondered.....if I was cast on Survivor, what would I bring as my one luxury item? The first and most obvious one was, of course, a picture of my daughter and husband. Okay, so now let's rule that out.....'cause all us mommas would say the same thing, right? Right. Then I thought of the Bible....'cause all us would say that same thing, right? Right. So let's just pretend those two items couldn't be a luxury item (OH! Just play the game...)...

I made a short list of my possibilities (I love lists!)

1. a tweezer.....very multi-functional (splinters, cutting, jabbing, self-defense, you name it) and I happen to have mammoth eyebrows if I didn't let the tweezerman get a holt of them everyday.
2. A flame starter.....I can't eat raw meat and I can't do that "kindling firewood boyscout" thing...so I'd need one of these pretty bad. I'd conserve and make it last.
3. Salt & Pepper. I know those are two, but the rule says they can never be divorced....so there. I'd definitely want some flavor on my foodage. Fish tastes downright disgusting without it. Crickets, too, I guess.
So...what would your one luxury item be?


The Garners said...

Would you believe that I was actually thinking about this very thing yesterday or the day before!?! I guess because I'd listened to part of the finale of this Survivor season while I was scrapbooking (I got bored with watching it many seasons ago, but I did like the Australian group with Elizabeth). Or maybe it came to mind when Lane was watching "Survivor Man"? Anyway, if we rule out the obvious ones that you mentioned, then I'd probably be torn between a toothbrush, chapstick and mascara. Chapped lips are so annoying, and for some crazy reason, going without mascara gives me a headache!? I realize that seems ridiculous...and maybe it's my imagination, but even if I don't wear any other make-up, I put on chapstick and mascara. Or maybe I'd take a mosquito net? Hmmm. I'd never sign up for that...

Heather said...

I too was enthralled with the Australian Survivor, but soon lost interest in the show. Maybe b/c there hasn't been anyone near as cute as Colby on the show since. My luxury item would be sunscreen. Having melanoma once has scared me enough not to ever spend any amount of time in the sun without it. And I would need benadryl & kleenex b/c I have the worst allergies in the world!!

The Garners said...

Oh, sunscreen...yes, I would need that, too. Confirms once again that I'd have no business on that show!

Kelly said...

I love Elisabeth - that was the only season of Survivor I ever watched. I used to think about what my one thing would be. I'm thinking a mirror because I would want to know just how bad I looked. I would say my chi or a hair dryer but I'm guessing I wouldn't have a hair dryer. But tweezers might be 2nd on my list - I'm a hairy girl.

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