Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looky what I learned!

OK. So our school got a grant this year and gave all teachers a laptop. Yea! Really good, right? Well, it is until you add in the 30+ hours of computer training they want you to have in things like Microsoft Word. Word, I tell you. Word. I'm speechless. Totally speechless. No speech.
Now, it hasn't all been as horrible as it sounds. I've found some of it a bit useful.....especially a few of those buttons that I never push, I might click on now because I actually know what they do.

But the above is my first use with the webcam feature. I'm trying to point to the Statue of Liberty there....yes, I'm actually in New York....but as you can tell, I'm directionally challenged both on and off the road.

Things have been busy lately.....I'm trying to get the little creatur....I'm mean, students, off to summer without killing them. One more day!


Andi said...

You are to funny! Look at you getting all techee on me. Hope everything is going well for y'all. If I don't see y'all before you leave on vacation be safe!!! Hope you all have a great time. Talk to ya later

Keri said...

Wow! You and Grace look soo much alike.

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