Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Why I Blog"....the condensed version.

I doubt either of these versions will ever come to fruition with my "Go With the Flo" blog. I will probably never become famous.......unless you count the 15 seconds that my face was on ESPN during the 1999 College World Series, but I don't remember anyone asking for my John Hancock after that blip. And I for sure will never become famous simply for my bloggy musings....most everyone knows that with every good blog, there's a better one around the corn...uh, clicker.

So then why do I blog? Better yet, the most asked question - "How do you have the time to blog?"

The answer, in a condensed version, is because I don't watch TV. Not much anyway, so that frees up quite a bit of my time in the evenings once fancy-pants has gone to sleep.

And I also don't do "one load of a laundry" a night, like my hubby once requested (I laugh a little everytime I think about that request! Hilarious! : ) ). I usually let it pile up until the weekend and use it as an excuse to stay in my PJ's until noon on Saturday because "I'm catching up house chores".

And if I read a book it's gotta be biographies or autobiographies.....I don't read fiction. So blogging is the layman's autobiography.

And I feel it's my own form of therapy. I get to dish out my rambling thoughts while also getting to read that others are struggling as well with sadness in their life, dealing with cranky kids, laundry overload, bible quiet time's not just me.

And finally, I like it. I can think of a million other time suckers that I could be "addicted" to that aren't nearly as beneficial.......ironing, plucking my eyebrows, scrubbing my white vinyl kitchen floors (yeah, I said white)....

So that's I must go snuggle with my hubby who supports my blogging habit...that is unless it cuts into that snuggle time.


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