Friday, May 30, 2008

Here We Go!

* 10+ hours of driving
* at least 5 car hours of "I spy with my little eye" and "What rhymes with ------?"
* 4+ potty/leg stretching breaks
* passing through 4 southern states without visiting any of them
* listening to my hubby complain about my driving skills
* listening to my daughter's Veggie Tales CD for the 385th time......

........vacationing here with my sister's family, seeing the clear, blue ocean, and enjoying the calm before the GA Camp, Youth Camp, and VBS storm.......


I'll try to post pics soon! Summer '08 has begun!


Juli said...

How fun!!! We still have a month to go before our Gulf Shores trip!

The Garners said...

Oh my goodness--that house is adorable!!! I love the screened in porch. I've almost recovered from our trip...I'd like to pack up again and go with you! (I'd like to fly this time though, please!) Have so much fun--can't wait to see pics, hear stories!

Pam said...

That is the house to rent! It is beautiful. I want to go back and I have only been home 2 weeks. Can't wait to see pic and here about Watercolor.

Kelly said...

I love that house where you are staying!!! So jealous - have so much fun!!!!

Maddy said...

I love that house! Hope you r having fun in Florida! I'm looking foward to spending time with you at GA Camp! I want to hear all about your trip!

Anonymous said...

Found you blog hopping today--stumbled onto Kelly's corner from Baby Bangs.

We love Destin, we were there in mid May but we stayed at the Sandestin Hilton. We were so excited that the drive there we did straight, which is 12.5 hours including 4 stops. We knew we would be way too tired to make it home to Texas in one straight shot so we drove to Jackson and stayed the night there.

Next year we hope to stay in Watercolor. :-)We fell in love with the Water Color Inn resort last year but still had too good of a deal at the Sandestin area to pass up the Hilton this year. I love the place where you stayed!

We are also a Trio, our very soon to be 5 year old is named Grace too. :-)
Yours in Christ,
Beth in Texas

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