Friday, May 16, 2008

I am Vanilla, She is Chocolate.

Love her. Of course, she's my best friend. But she's also my total opposite. Granted, we share a few things in common: love of shopping, disecting perfect people, anything that will tickle our funny bone, and of course, the love....or shall I say despise of.....our naturally freckly skin.....oh, and the sheer fact that we lived 18 years together under one roof with parents who taught us more independence than Paul Revere. Independence is not always a great thing...just ask my husband.

But other than that, we really did split the "personality" chromosome....she took one side, I took the other. It goes from the basic - I like vanilla, she likes chocolate ice cream. To the more intricate....she wears black, I prefer brown. She loves public speaking and can argue with a wall (and she would win, I might add)....I, prefer to let anyone else speak in public other than me and would probably lose an argument to a mute person. I enjoy working out and sweating, she would rather sweat while laying out on the beach. She loves board games and I loathe them. She was always the "pretty one" and I always was the...wait, what was I? The artsy one? I have no idea.....And today, I met her at NorthPark Mall in Dallas to do a little shopping and we quickly learned that it is my favorite mall, and her least favorite. (She's a bargain shopper and you don't find many bargains in that place!) Anyhoo, it really is like this for pretty much anything you could think of.

I know that if we were any more similar, we would probably hate each other. But that wouldn't be much fun....I would miss all our phone conversations about absolutely nothing other than we're both bored at the same time.

Love ya, sis!


SuperMom said...

Love you, too! Oh and by the way....those aren't freckles. Sorry to burst your bubble, but my dermatologist informed me that they're "sun spots" aka "sun damage." Of course, there are probably a few freckles here or there....but mostly sun spots. A tell-tell sign that we ain't as young as we used to be!

The Garners said...

That is such a great picture of y'all! My sister and I are a lot different, too...she's tall and athletic and has never met a stranger--it wouldn't bother her one bit to stand up and give a speech in front of a crowd, but I nearly pass out at the thought of it. When we'd have yard sales, she was the one to deal with the customers because I couldn't say 'no' or negotiate. She likes to have a lot of people around, and I think she deals well with chaos...I just like things quiet and organized and simple. But we're alike in a lot of ways, too. Having a sister is a great blessing!

Keri said...

I have one brother (older), no sister. But I always wanted a sister. So I am thankful for such wonderful friends!

Having It All said...

I am a friend of Angela's from Bible study. I've been enjoying reading your blog! This is a great post. I and my sister are, too, very much opposites. We finally figured out that this is a good thing, that we balance each other out. Yin and Yang.

And yes, what a great picture!

Heather said...

Great post and great pic of you two. Ton and I are totally opposite as well, but we just have the best relationship. I'd love to have two girls, there's just not much that beats having a sister!!

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