Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Breakfast Club

My life forms a triangle. It starts at our home, then Boog and myself veer off in two different directions to our professions of choice. Well....I'm using "choice" lightly because it is the end of the school year, so really I should say "profession of force" for myself. (summer fever!)

So as you can see, we burn alot of road mileage seeing how Grace's daycare is in the same town that Boog works. So he takes her to school...I pick her up. It's a nice deal. (Except for the fact that I drive close to 40 miles a day......which is why we switched from my roomy gas-guzzlin' Tahoe to my Subaru28mpgdon'tmakefunofmebecauseIdriveastationwagon vehicle.)

Back to my the mornings, my hubby also does the cookin'. You got it. He makes breakfast for him & Grace every morning. And it's usually very good. Eggs, biscuits, sausage, etc......whatever that little chef desires. The few times I have to take her to school, I'm usually grabbing a baggie and filling it with whatever fruit & cereal we have on hand and she eats it on the way. (I'm just that good, ya'll!) Obviously breakfast is not my strong point because unlike my two sweeties, I don't get hungry until about fact, eating right when I wake up makes me feel weird.

So this post is very boring, but I'm just singing praises about my man, whom without, Grace would probably be gobbling up everyone's snack at her school. Love ya, Boog!
Molly Ringwald & Emilio Estevez


BrotherBoog said...

Thanks for the props're really pushing my street cred up. Love ya.

Nathan said...

that must be why he gets to work about 9:30 everyday. Man sounds like pop tarts would get him on time....hahaha

The Garners said...

What a deal! Did you see my recent post about breakfast in bed...!? What am I doing wrong? :)

Kelly said...

Very impressive. I'm not much of a breakfast maker either. I eat pop tarts at my desk. I worry about the day when I need to feed kids. ha!

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