Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"For God is not the author of confusion..."

"....but of peace..." 1 Corinthians 14:33

Loved this verse this morning. Paul....gosh, my hubby and I have gone rounds about Paul...he seems to take 10 sentences to say what I would say in one, but darn it if one of his many soliloquies to that crazy Corinth church didn't speak right to my heart. Not the author of confusion....

Who is the author of confusion? Us. Me. You. We. The world.

Isn't it wonderful that we didn't write our own life book? Mine would be a mess.
Chapter 1: How to survive a cranky older sister
Chapter 2: How to overcome embarrassment of parent's cars
Chapter 3: Boys? Do I like them? Do they like me? Who can I like this week?
Chapter 4: What do I want to be in life?
Chapter 5: I'm in college now....what do I want to be in life?
Chapter 6: Found THE does this marriage thing work?
Chapter 7: I've got a job now....but I don't really want to be this in life.
Chapter 7: A baby? Really? Didn't I just forget to brush my own teeth?
Chapter 8: Finances. Find the leaks & plug 'em - then Drano them. (ie. live debt free!)
Chapter 9: Found what I want to do in how do I do it & maintain sanity?
Chapter 10:..... in progress.....

I love it that in this book that I would have written, there is mass confusion. MASS confusion. Because I've tried it on my own for soooo long. It was the trust issue I was having...and still sometimes have...with the Lord. Why has it taken me this long to trust?? I handed over my career to Him (that story is really neat...I'll have to tell that in another blog).....I handed over my marriage to Him .....why haven't I handed over my dedication, my desire, my soul to Him? It's like I say, everyday...."whoa, God, if I give you that much devotion, dedication, and do I know I'll get what you promise in return?" AARRGGHHH. So frustrating. Would I trust Him if he decides to move my family to Spain or Massachusetts for His ministry - away from my sister? I'm not sure...I'd be kicking all the way.

All these ramblings aside......

What would your chapters be?


A is for Angela said...

Chapter one for me would be:
"How to Survive a whiny-baby Sister" tee, hee!

And I'd definitely be kicking, screaming and in full tantrum mode if God leads you guys to Spain. Hope Cody can find a job there....

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