Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day #7

Short & Sweet today. Preggo/No Preggo update: I feel a bit bloated and large in the tummy area...but that could just be normal "girly" stuff. My gums were bleeding yesterday, but that could just be the onset of gingivitis. The weekend is here & I might think about buying a test. We'll see....

Other than that, for some odd reason, Bitty Baby has truly become my second child. Now Grace, instead of calling Bitty her baby, she refers to Bitty as my baby and her sister. Bitty even had to sleep in my bedroom the other night because she "cries too much at night" according to Grace. .

Here's Bitty & a friend this time, sick again...(notice the blanket around Bitty's shoulders.) Grace told me she was 'still sick'.


The Garners said...

I'm still hoping/praying for good news! My gums would start bleeding when I flossed really early on in my pregnancies!?!?!? I think it will be fun when Alexee starts playing with dolls--Bitty Baby is so the blanket around her shoulders. I had two special dolls (other than Cabbage Patch) when I was little: Heidi & Tara. They were friends with my sister's favorite doll, named "Swing-set".

Kelly said...

It's so hard trying to analyze every little symptom you may or may not be having, huh?
I hope it's positive!!!!

Andi said...

Im still keeping my fingers crossed for ya! Grace is to funny. Well who know she may grow up to be a pediatrician one day!

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