Monday, April 28, 2008

Only children....?

Grace, ready to stomp the grapes in Tuscany

I'm not giving up. I'm not. I know I'm only 31 ....yeesh, still not great at saying that. I know that there are puh-lenty of child rearing years left ahead of me if God so wishes. (To be quite honest, something in me thinks we'll be the 'Father of the Bride' daughter and then, "Surprise! A baby!" about ten years later.) BUT on that note, I do have to remind myself that if God so wishes for Grace to be my one and only child - then so be it. And now, when I mentally prepare for that possibility.... how does that work?

Do I have any "only child" readers out there? If so, I'd love you to de-lurk and give a comment on this subject. Mainly because, I'm really interested in hearing the truth. Are they really "lonely-onlies"? (Geez...the last thing I'd want for Grace is to have a childhood of loneliness. ) Or are you so covered by your parents' adoration, that it makes for a wonderful, filling childhood?

One of my roommates in college was an only child. I wish I had been mature enough to ask her back then about how she enjoyed that sister keeps insisting for me to take her children for a while to experience the whole "multiple children" thing (probably more for a rare experience of solitude & peace for herself!) But what I really want to know.....and I'm gonna get sappy for a only children realize what they are missing by not having a brother or sister?

My sister is my B/F/F. Hated each other in friends ever since. Boog, being the only son, is supremely close to his sisters and learned a ton about how to treat women from them *thank you Marci & Molly!*.

To not have known a friend like that is what I struggle with most when thinking about Grace being an only child. Her....missing out on a bond.

So info needed please. Only children....speak up!


The Garners said...

Praying for you in this, Flo...

Andi said...

I wish I had a good answer for you. You know the kind that helps ease your doubts in a second, but I don't. I honestly think that Grace will have a little BROTHER that she can boss around and then nurse back to health with the doctor instincts inside her! Love Ya

Kelly said...

I'm not an only child but my husband is and three of my closest friends are. I have thought about this a lot because I'm 34 so I figure if we ever get one child - that may be it.
My husband and my friends are all very well balanced, happy people. They are all very close to their families and they seem to have a lot of friends who are like family to them.
I will pray that God will give you another child if that is the desire of your heart and I believe He can do it. And 31 is young!!!! :-)

A is for Angela said...

If you want to take my kids on a more consistent basis, maybe Grace wouldn't feel lonely.

I'll let you have them five of the seven days of the's that?

Anonymous said...

You know I believe that children come through many different channels..look at me alone my entire childhood and then overnight part of a huge wonderful family..and now mother of 5 who would of thought? My life is crazy, busy and very loud, but I would not trade it for a million dollars..and my children will always have one another! Love ya and really feel like there is another Ferrell to be had.....Jodi

Heather said...

I am praying about this for you too. I too think that Grace needs a brother. You would be a very good boy mommy..can just picture you front row at all of the tee ball/baseball games!!

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