Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's official...I'm 31.

Grace was WAY more excited than me.

No longer just a newby to my 30's...I'm in now. Not wayyy in, but I am definitely in my thirties. Boog was sweet and planned a small get together at a local restaurant with a few family members & friends. Then we took it back to my house for cake and presents. I, personally, hate gatherings of any kind on my behalf, so I spent much of the night worrying...."Are people enjoying themselves?" ....."Does everyone need to get home?"....."Do they like their food?".....I don't know why I do that. I worry so much that my stomach was in knots after the night was over! But like I said, Boog was sweet after letting him know he never has to do anything like that for me - ever - again, I thanked him for the wonderful Calphalon knives and pots & pans he got me (along with my mother-in-law). And now I pray that 31 takes its sweet time before ushering in 32. I always remember that line from "Pretty in Pink" where her goofy friend says, "Why didn't God make us old and then we grow young?"......that would be fun, wouldn't it?
A necklace from my sweet friend, Andi....
a gift tradition of ours

New pots & I gotta cook!


Juli said...

Happy belated birthday, Flo!!!!!!!! :)

Kelly said...

Cute shirt!!! Did you get it at old navy or some cool place in TX?

I always thought I would be so sad when I turned 30 but I've kind of embraced the 30's. (But in my mind I'm still 25).

Last week - I sort of had a mid life crisis moment where I realized I'm turning 35 this year. THIRTY-FIVE!!! I think because I ran into one of my guy friends from high school in the gym and I was thinking how we used to ride our bikes when I was 11 and now we are almost 35!!! It started freaking me out.

Anonymous said...

Happy 31’s brithday from a stranger’s heart---

I know I could travel a long way through billions of blogs, but would never find anything like yours that is so funny and give me such warm-feeling—like running into an old dear friend. (I do think I hit a jackpot to have stumbled across your blog!) I dragged my honey of 13 years to read together your blog, and all agreed” life is fragile- handle by sharing a laugh with Flo’s blog”. I am truly thankful to you for putting your telent and wisdom ( I know that one’s brain white matter reaches its peak at the age of 50’s-that’s called wisdom, and are you just in your 31? amazing!!) out there!

Keep your adorable blog journey- can you at least reassure me this?

The Garners said...

Happy belated birthday! I turned 31 last November, and I'm still in denial. Saturday night Lane and I went to the restaurant that we ate at on our first date, and I said to him that I couldn't believe I was TWENTY-THREE on that date! Thinking back, my twenties just flew by.

Heather said...

Looks like you had a very fun birthday. I was thining of you on Saturday. We were in Llano at my brother in laws river house. You look super cute at the party. I too worry about everyone else at gatherings and always wish I could just relax. Never do and probably never will.

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