Friday, April 11, 2008

I don't usually share this much info....

...but I think this time I will. This morning, I awoke with nausea....dizziness....the works. I skipped the make-up, skipped the hair process, got dressed and drove to work. (I looked wonderful!) I pulled over at a church, an office, and a railroad track to dry-heave into the road which, a new occurrence for me, left me with broken capillaries all around my eyes. I looked like I had just gotten into a fight .....and I wasn't on the winning side.

I made it through the first few hours of school, with some of my more studious students taking over for me (all right, all right....I let my "A" kids play teacher. They thought they were big stuff.) And miraculously, by 11ish, all symptoms were gone.

Morning sickness? That's what everyone was guessing.

But so early? It's still more than a week for me to be able to officially tell. So instead of keeping this to myself, as I usually do, I thought I'd let you all in on the countdown. This is day #1 of 10. So in ten days, check back here....and we'll see if there's #2 on they way - or if I just had a random stomach bug that did me in! Isn't that fun?

BTW....for all you moms of little ones, my sister mentioned to me that 4 was such a great age. Grace is a few weeks away, although really, she always acted a little older than her real age.....anyhoo, I must admit 4 looks like it will be great. She is such a little fun person to be around! She has a sense of humor and can carry on great, entertaining conversations....the whining isn't so often anymore....she "gets" things.....for example, I told her the other night that she was going to have to get up extra early the next day (around 6am) and to be prepared. And guess what? She remembered and got up pretty easy without a fuss.......lovin' 4!

My cutie-patootie ...almost 4


The Garners said...

Exciting! I so hope you have great news to share in a few more days.

Juli said...

Oh, Florence, I've got my fingers and toes and everything else crossed for you! Tons of prayers that another gorgeous little babe is on the way to your family :)

Grace is precious. Madge turned 4 on the 1st and it's been fun so far! Their minds are so amazing at this age, we're having a blast with her. :)

jmass said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with us! I will count down with you.....very exciting!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness..I am so excited for you and Mark!! Can't wait to find out. Grace is going to be a great bib sis..her pic is her long hair!! You and Angela both have great hair.

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