Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Been So Long....

...since I've blogged! I miss it! BUT. There's been good reason I've been a blog-less lady lately....

1) a 7-almost 8- week old baby girl who is so wonderful I can't even stand it!

2) a very slowwwww moving home building process (but we DO have a well now. Water- yipee!!)

3) going back to work. Two sweet students moved away during my maternity leave, and three wild new ones came in their place. Needless to say, my classroom is a zoo now.

With all the "life stuff" going on in our Ferrell household, sometimes I feel like my life's a zoo. However, with each of those things that are going on, I continue to count my blessings. The ability to be able to build a house, to have a job, to have a healthy baby.....those things make me so thankful!

The house really has been a slow mover, but hopefully things will start moving within the last half of this month. Boog & I are still talking - no huge conflicts over the color of the paint or anything! We actually see eye to eye on many things because we both are inspired over pictures like this:
Inspriation for our house....

Look at those beams and wood walls!

Hello lovely kitchen - I'm loving the old wood cabinets and fabric!

Love this galvanized outside light fixture! (lowe's $19.99!)

Anyway, I'm not really a super picky person. In fact, last night at Lowe's, Boog and I picked out most of our hardware for our house and it turned out that most of the things we liked were much, much lower than our allowances.

It pays to be simple! So, so good. Now we'll just await the pouring of the slab!

I can't leave a blog without posting a new pic of my 'lil Sophie. She's getting chubbier everyday.....I'm loving it. Her little personality is pretty peaceful. At night, she gets a little crabyy, but makes up for it with smiles and contentment during the day! I'm so glad it's SPRING BREAK so I can spend some time with my girls!

Sophie at bath time.....look at those cheeks!


Homemomma said...

Such a cute baby! Love the inspiration home, that would be my taste also....Good luck on the building process

Stephanie said...

Wow Flo......that house looks like what you have said you wanted all along. I'm so happy for you guys!! Lil' Sophie girl is precious...I can't believe she is 8 weeks old already.

Happy Spring Break!!! : )

The Garners said...

That is a beautiful house--I love it!

Sophie is SO CUTE--oh my goodness!!!

Andi said...

Love that house...can't wait to see y'alls! Sophie is such a doll, she is growing so fast.

If there is ever anything I can help you with let me know!

Have a great week off! Woohoo spring break!!!

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