Wednesday, October 8, 2008

California Bound!

2:00 tomorrow, I'll be leaving my 18 little crazies.... I mean, sweet students...and heading for DFW Airport, where I'll sit....and wait....and wait....and pray....and wait for my flight to begin. I'm not a nervous flyer, I just simply pray that the cockpit team has had a full night's rest and plenty of experience. does ease the worry a little that if the plane does happen to go down - at least my entire family will be with me. (My mind!!)

Grace is super-uber-excited. And Boog....well, he's gearing up to run in the Long Beach Marathon, so he's just ready to conquer that....(what'll be next for him to conquer, dare I ask?) Anyhoo, all this traveling for a couple of friends. But what friends they are....

I can't wait to share with you pictures of this lovely couple and their new family. During mine & Boog's early married years -sans children - we hung out with the Ledbetter's nearly every week in Dallas. We were young married couples with nothing but time to burn. You know how you meet a couple and you just click? That was how it was with them. We'd known Jared from college, but his wife was new to us....but boy, did we have fun together. It definitely was a God-given friendship and we're blessed to have been able to continue that friendship even after moves, his stint in Iraq, career changes, etc.

So we're headed off to see their new daughter, for Jared & Boog to run the marathon together, and for us to catch up before he heads off to his second tour in Iraq. Pray for a safe flight, please! I'll post pictures soon!

Bible Journey Exodus 17:1 - 19:1
I was beginning to get so frustrated with those complaining Israelites! After God had done all these wonders....parting the Red Sea, raining down manna for their sustenance, giving them light to walk by at night for goodness sake.......all that, and then, when they get a little thirsty or hungry or impatient, they start the "Why did you deliver us from the Egyptians?" complaining to Moses....thinking they had it so much better then. I was beginning to get frustrated.....and then, like a lightbulb, I started to think how we're no different sometimes. How easily we forget the blessings when a moment of hardship happens in our lives. How easily we forget that God was with us through all of our trials.....I know that's no new revelation, but since they were testing MY patience and I was just reading along, wondering why Moses didn't put the smack down on them, I faced up to the reality of my selfish complaining. Why doesn't God put 'the smack down' on me?.......only He knows.....thank goodness.


The Garners said...

Have a great time!

Amanda said...

Have a fun trip!

Heather said...

I hope you all have so much fun. Prayers for safe travels!!

Andi said...

Hope y'all have a wonderful trip! And stay safe!

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