Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stop. Breath In. Exhale.

Today, Boog & I found ourselves a bit overwhelmed. Most of it was the "post vacation" stress of catching up with life after being gone four days. Some of it was self-made "have to's" (ie. this weekend's garage sale that we reluctantly agreed to do with our neighbor), some were weekly commitments, but most of it was just life.

I kept telling Boog we need to quit the whining. Really....I'm so sweet, sometimes. But what I meant was, it's just like this occasionally. It's busy. These months, for some reason, everyone starts to plan things.....parties, functions, get togethers, festivals, water fights, cat fights you name it - it's planned.

But then - everything stops. January usually puts the capital B in you agree? And we adjust to life in winter lane where the tv is bad and the weather is worse. Longing for spring to rejuvenate things again.

What's worse? Boredom or Busyness?

I prefer the wave.

A time of busyness, to let me know that I'm still alive and there are people around me to care for (not that I do a great job, but I try). Followed by a time of boredom, to let me clean my house and organize my know, the wave.

Without the wave, I think I would either have a heart attack by stress or die of loneliness if either of the two became my only option.

I know there are others out there probably surfing the Busy Wave right now. If so, count your blessings. You could have no one to care for.....or have nothing to be a part of.......or no one that cared if you were there or not.

Today (and maybe just today....hey, one victory at a time), I choose to quit the whining myself. Count my blessings......and enjoy surfing. Surfing must be on my mind.....I did just get back from California!

Bible Journey: Exodus 21:1-22:1


The Allens said...

I love the wave. I thought that was a good way to describe it.

Allison said...

That is a wonderful perspective to have on this busy time, and one I think I need to try and have!

Anonymous said...

Girl don't I know...except my life is more like monsoon...tidal wave and then wave...somehow I never get the boredom..maybe mom of five...sister of four...and wife of one is the reason HAHA!! Gotta fix what you can, love what you have and let go of what we can't control..this is my daily speech to myself.....You do a great job and so does Mark...pretty soon you will not remember what boredom was!!!love ya Jodi

Stephanie said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Why is it that we all need reminders every now and then of just how blessed we are?

The Garners said...

So true about the wave--I couldn't function if it was any other way. I can only handle busyness for a short time before I really need some boredom. I probably actually like the boredom better (I'm a homebody, too), but without the contrast of busyness, it wouldn't be as sweet! Just this week I found myself saying "no" to something--an annual kids' costume party that I've hosted for 4 years. It just hit me this year that I had too many things going on and my heart wasn't in the planning of it. It actually felt really good to be honest enough with myself to say, "I shouldn't do this right now--it's not a priority." Hope things slow down a little for you guys--take care of yourself and that growing baby!

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