Thursday, September 18, 2008

Confessions of a Homebody

I am a homer. A homebody. Someone who loves the home. Not just a home, but my home. Not so much in the summer, but definitely in weather like this - cool, crisp, football weather - I find myself wanting to push my hectic schedule aside, quit volunteering for different activities, and just go home after work. Do laundry.....make some stew & a little telly.....veg out. Do nothing. It's funny, though, I don't remember being a homebody growing up. Maybe it's the fact that this is my home now.....decorated the way I like....with things organized just so.....any other home doesn't do it. (Well, maybe my mother-in-law's, but her home would make even the Grinch want to pull a chair up and stay a while.)

Undoubtably, we've all been there. And there's always a season to do just that......this is mine. Being 5 months pregnant might have something to do with it, but that can't be the only reason. Now, saying that, I've got a hubby here who is 100% go, go, go all the time. Rare is it that he ever wants to sit and veg. Sometimes.....but not often. So often I veg alone....Gracie & I. No, she plays. I veg.

True to homer's nature though, I already don't want to overschedule Grace.....I opted out of t-ball this year because I just didn't want us to be "scheduled" in the summer. But I can only hold out for so long....the ballet lessons will come. Tap shoes will come. Gymnastics will come. And with Sophie on the way? Whew......let's just say I know my world of "one-child ease at home" is about to change!

So, to all the homers out there, you've got a friend in me. I understand the difference between being a homer and a loner. No loners here....I've got one or two friends, I think. Okay, three.

Anyhoo.....just rambling some thoughts on my mind after my day of being a homebody. Loved it!
Homebody afternoons!
Genesis 7:3-Genesis 9:1
I haven't been reporting lately on my readings, and to be honest, Exodus has been way more challenging than I remember! There was a part back in Ch. 5 that I still can't wrap my mind around.....but don't you find that a lot in the Bible? Not being able to wrap our little, scrawny minds around the brainiac, genius of God? Sort of like a baby.... they come from your body and you know that one day they'll be able to understand so much....but for now, all they can do is just trust that you are going to take care of them and provide for them and walk with them through the hard times. So I'm like a baby right now, I guess......hmmmm....I've gotta get better at that trusting part!


The Garners said...

I'm such a homebody, too! I love to have people come over, but I'm pretty much always happier in my own house. I like to take the kids out to play for a little while in the mornings, but then my favorite days are those that I know I don't have to leave my house again before bedtime. I always have things to do--housework, of course--but then there are always things that I love to do around the house if I just take the time to do them...scrapbook, paint, write a letter, look at a magazine, watch TV with Lane, bake cookies, etc.

SuperMom said...

No wonder you're always itching to leave me house the first chance you get! Ya big homey!

Juli said...

It's because you have such a happy home :)

The Keltons said...

I am such a homebody too!! I am always up for a fun vacation or a day out, but I always LOVE to come back home.

Heather said...

Oh, you are a friend after my own heart...I'm part of the "homer" club too!! We love to be outside in our backyard with the little guy. I love to decorate our house and tinker around/change stuff up, cook, work in our flower beds, and hibernate in bed with a great book.
Can't wait to spend the weekend with you!!

Amanda said...

Being home is the best. After a long trip, as soon as I walk in the door, I forget all of the quirks that come with my house that I always want to change, and just remember how much I love it!

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