Sunday, September 7, 2008

My 18 Week Belly!

I really did not want to post this hair is bad, the light is bad, it's 7am so my eyes are still puff-city. BUT, I'm doing this for my friends from out-of-town who have asked to see if I'm really "large & in charge". As you can see, my belly doesn't look big, but it feels big (I remind myself of a beached whale when I try to roll out of bed at night).....I can't imagine getting bigger, but after seeing a picture from the end of my last pregnancy, I know "Big" is on it's way!

So, onto other things - I have a confession. I'm a terrible friend. Do you ever feel that way? Ever since I started back to teaching two weeks ago, with schedules flying everywhere, and a million things to do every afternoon, all those sweet little friendships I formed over the summer have been pushed to the wayside. Remember my new non-acquaintance Keri? Well, Keri, if you're reading this, you know now that I feel remiss about not getting to chat much anymore. I have a brand new/old friend who's moved here from the big-D, and I haven't even gotten to see their new home. And there's so many more many. Everything seemed much simpler this past summer......get up, see who's free to play that day, do a few errands....what a life! I miss it. But I have to vow to get better at being a good friend even in the midst of a busy life.

On another note, my bible journey is now into Exodus!'s only taken me a little over a month to get through Genesis, so at this rate, it'll take close to eleven years to finish the whole thing. I've got to get better at reading more at a time.....but it seems like so much information to take in to just "zoom through it". But having this blog as my accountability partner has helped tremendously.

OK. I'm boring myself. Time to get to another meeting.

BTW - we find out in next Tuesday whether this baby is a boy or girl! We've finally chosen a girl name....because I just know it's a girl!

Bible Journey: Genesis 43:2-Exodus 1:1


Juli said...

Oh, Flo! You look darling!! Look at how proud and happy Grace looks :*)

The Garners said...

You look great! I love that Grace is posing with you! I'll be anxious to read next week to find out boy or girl!?!?! I ALWAYS guess wrong, so I'm giving up on guessing.

Stephanie said...

Aw Flo.....too cute. I think you look great. Grace in the background is precious...both of you are glowing!! ; )

Ok, so spill it....what is the girl name you chose???

Keri said...

Even though I stay home, I have been pretty busy myself since school started, so I have been really negligent on my part. I also miss getting to visit so I especially look forward to Wednesday nights.
Btw, you have a cute little baby bump! Andi and I agree, this baby is a boy. :-D

Andi said...

Boy Boy Boy Boy!!!! What ever baby Ferrell is he/she will be blessed to have such a great family! Have a great week.

The Settlemeyers said...

You look so cute. Can't wait to find out boy or girl!

♥Sadie♥ said...

awww come on lol your going to tell us you've picked out a name for it if its a girl and you dont say what the name is!!!!! you got me all worked up lolz. o by the way....the wittle bump is so cute! and grace looks super excited.

Anonymous said...

Greeting from your daily-visiting-bloger, NOT stranger.vanpw

Heather said...

You are just the cutest..can't wait to find out about the baby!! Thanks for your sweet email on the baby.

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